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V Nightclub 


Of the three casinos found in Detroit proper, MGM is the one that can boast that they are – literally – world-class. A single entity of the collection of casinos found around the globe, suffice it to say, the folks behind this entertainment empire know what they're doing.

And while they've obviously got gaming down to a science, what you may not know is that they're also a force to be reckoned with in the world of nightlife. With several swanky lounges found throughout, you've probably dropped into places like TAP on occasion while taking a break from the gaming floor.

Where you may not have been before is V Nightclub. A hidden gem of sorts, the club is very much a world-class effort as the casino that holds it. Sectioned off from the gaming floor, yet near enough to still be close to those who still want to play the tables, V is a destination d'extraordinaire.

What we found upon our recent visit was something that delighted us – a dress code. You won't find dudes in sweat pants and chicks rockin' their oldest Chuck Taylor's inside the upscale lounge. To put it basically, this is a real classy joint.

But when we say "classy" we do not mean "boring." Instead, what you'll find inside is one of the best night-out experiences the city holds. Adorned with electronic arches that light up to the dance music being blasted through their truly remarkable sound system, you'll also find some beautiful young ladies getting the party started go-go style.

Oh, and about that music. It's provided by one of our seriously favorite party-starters in the city. Helping mold the entertainment lineup and personally headlining every Saturday night (Volume Saturdays) is the Program Director and resident DJ at V, Nick Haddad – also known as DJ Captn20 – who provides the ridiculously high-energy music blasting throughout this club. Friday nights (Double Vision Fridays, broadcast live on Channel 955) are no snoozefest either, offering up the sweet audio stylings of DJ Whip.

This week, in particular, is special because V will be partying on Wednesday too! They'll have DJ Fashen in the house to help provide you with a memborable Thanksgiving Eve party.

Furthermore, Nightlife & Entertainment Manager Awsem Zbair leaves no stone unturned in providing the masses with entertainment, "When I look at the market we are in and what we have offered, V Nightclub and MGM consistently sets the bar. Over the years we have had to bring different elements of entertainment to the venue to showcase it as something original and alluring to our clientele"

While you'll probably be dancing the entire time you find yourself inside the confines of V Nightclub, this place is also home to some pretty swanky VIP areas. Found all around the circumference of the lounge, plush couches are doing nothing but waiting for your tired-from-dancing little bums to take a load off inside. (Also, be sure to check out their website for how and when to reserve a table.)

And while you're sitting there enjoying the sights and sounds of everything that's happening, you can also enjoy something we particularly love: bottle service. Served up to you by the beautiful ladies that staff V, you won't have to wait at the bar for your next beverage, which makes all the difference when enjoying a relaxing (okay, maybe not so relaxing, but more ridiculously entertaining) night out.

For those, however, that prefer to keep their twinkle toes dashing all over the dance floor, grabbing a drink at the bar isn't some arduous task like it might be at other bars that are this busy. And you won't have to suffer through that disgruntled bartender that's none-too-pleased she's taking care of so many people. Instead, the ladies – and did we mention just how attractive this bunch is, too? – greet you with a smile and serve you so fast, you'll be back to getting your groove on in no time.

So, after all that, what could possibly be left to say about the perfect place to spend your evening within Detroit's city limits? With great tunes, stellar service and the perfect place to dance all night, we think we've got ourselves a winner. |RDW



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