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The Suicide Machines 

Wanna Say So Long

Since disbanding in '06, members of the Suicide Machines have each moved on to different projects and different lives, yet vocalist Jay Navarro (currently of Hellmouth) admits he's not entirely prepared to hang it up for good. "Hellmouth's the fuckin' pissed off dark side of me, and the Suicide Machines is the happy, 'let everything loose and have a fun time' side of me," says Navarro. "I need that balance ... It's good to do something fun and carefree."

The not-quite-reunited group performed a pair of low-key benefit shows last year at the Trumbullplex and the Old Miami. "You really had to be in the know to come to those shows last year," says Navarro. "[They] brought out the true believers within the Michigan area." This Saturday, the current lineup (with Ryan Vandeberghe, Rich Tschirhart and Justin Malek) will bring a set of classic and definitive Detroit hardcore ska-punk to St. Andrew's Hall. "We wanted to do a show for the people who aren't really in tune ... that's what this one is — your last chance to dance. You're not going to see us on the Warped Tour or anything like that.

"The Suicide Machines was heading down a road to where it was just becoming this dark, bummed out entity, and it never should have ... I wish Dan [Lukacinsky, guitarist] could be here from Japan to enjoy it and do it with us, to be honest. I know we had a falling out but I would still do it with him regardless." | RDW

The Suicide Machines w/ Wreak Havoc!, We Are the Union, The Bill Bondsmen and The Code 7/24, 6:30 p.m. • St. Andrew's Hall 431 E. Congress, Detroit • 313.961.MELT • $10

Wanna Say So Long


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