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The Salt Miners 

A Tales of Blood Broken Strings and Beer

The Salt Miners
A Tales of Blood Broken Strings and Beer

Bands come and go so much in today’s musical landscape that it’s almost as if the scene is a huge rattrap. It waits at every corner, laying still while you scurry about and it just aches to snatch you up whole.

It takes a special kind of band (or animal, if you see it my way), to survive the trap and live a prosperous existence. The band must use cunning tactics and be slick in order to endure. Fortunately for those in the musical rattrap we know as Detroit, The Salt Miners have been a superb specimen for over six years.

“We started out in September of 2001,” Salt Miners' banjo, dobro and harmonica player, Tim Pak, says. “We didn’t really have a plan. We were just a bunch of guys from different bands that liked to drink and write songs."

The sound that the band created was nothing but an amazing recreation of the early country and folk music of groups like The Carter Family. The sound continuously changed over the course of the next six years as they moved through eight different bassists and each member took turns singing.

“We liked some of that old time stuff,” Pak says of the group’s influences. “We just wanted to take some of those old, unknown authored folk tunes and kick them up.”

Nonetheless, the life of every band must inevitably see its end, and with that said, The Salt Miners have decided that it's time for them to officially end their tenure as one of the city’s best folk/country/rock acts around. After one final show at the Magic Stick, they will hang up their suits, boots and hats, leaving a trail of only beer cans and bottles in their dust.

“Come out to the last show and get drunk with the band,” Pak beckons to all of the band's fans. “Booze was always the extra member of the band.”  | RDW

The Salt Miners • 12/7 • The Magic Stick

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A Tales of Blood Broken Strings and Beer


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