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The Pub on Hall Road 


Is there anything better than delicious, down home, done right barbeque? The answer is empirically, no. And while many places around town have popped up claiming to be the ultimate in all things smoked, many have fallen short.

Luckily, The Pub on Hall Road isn't one of those places. In fact, they're sort of a hidden gem in the world of barbeque. Having just opened this past November, they certainly haven't received the notoriety that they deserve and we'd like to be the first of many to proclaim the wonderful deliciousness that's concocted within their kitchen.

Spearheaded by Chef Michael Jeff, The Pub does barbeque right. Working with an in-house smoker, all of their meats are prepared on-site. But, that's not actually where the process begins.

Beginning with a special rub that's exclusive to The Pub, Jeff and his staff marinade their meats for 24 to 36 hours, allowing the flavors to really be absorbed into the brisquet, chicken and pork found on their menu. From there their meats are smoked anywhere from three to 12 hours, according to Jeff. And the result is something otherwise unobtainably delicious.

While the meat you'll be served at The Pub is truly delicious – we had a chance to sample their briskit, pulled pork and pulled chicken and let me tell you, it was amazing – everything else you'll find on their menu is just as up to snuff as their meat. Truly a scratch kitchen, Jeff makes absolutely everything in-house. From the noodles that go into their mac and cheese to the four distinct barbeque sauces that are served with every meal, anything you order at The Pub is made under their roof.

Jeff doesn't plan to keep The Pub's offerings the same forever, either. "I love my job and I like to get creative," he says. It's a fact that's evident in the food and one that will keep patrons coming back. Even his sauces are phenomenal and different than those you'll find anywhere else. "They're made from our special rub, so you won't find anything like it anywhere else."

Yes, The Pub does awesome barbeque, but they do plenty more pretty well too. With 26 flat screen TVs found inside this Hall Road bar and restaurant, it's also a great place to catch the game, of which they can see eight at a time. And when you think of catching the game, you almost always think of grabbing a beer and this place is truly great for both.

With great specials on drinks, The Pub offers drinks specials like $1.75 domestic pints, a price almost unheard of for a place as nice as this. And you'll find many other drink specials on their menu too, plus a few very special drinks.

Being of the first places in Michigan to offer moonshine, The Pub now serves six different flavors of the southern-style beverage and each is actually quite delicious. Blackberry, blueberry, cranberry, cherry, apple pie and original are all found on their menu and each can be served up anyway you like, either as a shot, on the rocks or with a mixer. It's a great addition to their barbeque offerings and certainly adds to their already unique experience.

Aside from that which you can imbibe at The Pub, there's also plenty to entertain. With live trivia, acoustic bands and DJs coming in to entertain, every night of the week offers an entertaining and unique experience. | RDW



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