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The Game 

Jesus Piece

Geffen Records

First of all, we'd like to applaud The Game and those behind the album art on his latest record, Jesus Piece. It might be a little irreverent, but it's altogether amazing. That said, everyone needs a little gangster rap in their life and no one delivers quite like The Game. The album's opener "Scared Now," is everything white people have been missing since Tupac's untimely demise. Is it a little ridiculous? Yes. But when listened to with your tongue planted firmly in your cheek, we guarantee you'll enjoy this track and this album. With 15 track found on this record that feature guest spots from everyone from Lil Wayne to Jamie Foxx to Kanye West to Common, Rick Ross and more, you'll certainly get your money out of this purchase, too. —Loretta Nash

Worth a Listen: "Scared Now"

Jesus Piece


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