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Cleansing Fires
The fact that it coincides with a papal conclave may or may not give Purgatory III a quirky kind of relevance, but the title of this two-night exhibit at the Tangent Gallery does in fact reference matters that touch upon the psychological, philosophical and even theological issues that concern us today. This is a celebration of the visual with cinematic works that are intentionally introspective and beguiling - all of them created by a roster of local, national and international filmmakers. Like its creative "sibling" DAMNED, it should not be misconstrued or misinterpreted as a horror show. This is actually a collective summation of a shared emotion - the deeply personal views of talented men and women who have actually experienced or witnessed dark nights of the soul either in the course of their lives or in the theater of their subconscious. Among the contributing artists: Brian Viveros, Eriijk Ressler, Jose Luis Saturno, Robert Morgan, David Scharf, Till Nowak and Joaquin Baldwin. The curtain rises on 3/8. Be advised that because of the adult nature of many of these films, no one under the age of 18 will be admitted. Admission is $10 and you can find more info: thatdamnedshow.com/purgatory.

Gail mally-mack RIP
The noted Detroit artist and teacher whose works were frequently praised here and elsewhere passed away last week.

Ex Libris
The Ferndale Public Library has become, quite unexpectedly, one of our favorite spots for local art exhibits. We are not the least bit surprised, however, to discover that their latest show has the happy title For The Love of Reading. A colorful celebration of both the written word and the people who still indulge in the anachronistic habit of enjoying books, the submitted works will depict beloved stories, characters, depictions of engrossed readers and real (and re-imagined) dust covers. The works will be in a variety of mediums, including watercolor, photography, oils and acrylics. Nicole Burroughs, Barbara Campara, Julie Craigo, Ben DeFever, Paul Erlandson, Diane Irby, Rachel Joanisse, B.P. LeGault, Peggy Kerwin, Rick Lieder, Marco Mancinelli, Marija Makeska, Zachary McInchak, Juana Moore, Sarah Previch, Jerry Shirts, Justin Tumey and Jayde Williams. A special display of works by Ferndale High School Students will be in the Corridor Gallery and works by Ferndale Middle School students will be displayed in the Kids Corner. An artists' reception will be held on 3/8 with live music and refreshments. 225 E. 9 Mile.

Might as Well Use The One Bridge We've Got
There's art to be found in Windsor and (unless an ad rep was exaggerating) we have plenty of loyal readers there as well. One of them sent us a great deal of information about Mona Sharma - The Loss and Reclamation of Faith, an exhibit that will open at Artcite on 3/8. A Montreal-based artist of Indian descent, Ms. Sharma works primarily in graphic drawing and sculpture. Her works reflect and are influenced by the tensions encountered in being an individual of diversity in a society that is frequently blind or hostile to the thread of multi-culturalism found in its midst. "I create narratives," the artist explains, "that reveal, mislead and build towards a golden moment when viewers realize their role in shaping, supporting or suppressing those around them. Through a variety of factors, including increased immigration and the advancement of communication technology, the lines that once etched out who we are have been washed away by a sea of questions regarding the value of nationalism and religion and the responsibilities of the global citizen. We live in a time when the magnitude of historical events can barely be established considering the amount of information, both relevant and frivolous, that is hurled at us every moment. In reflection, we often experience doubt over what can be included in our own histories." Artcite is located at 109 University Avenue West in Windsor. We wish it to be noted that the 3/8 opening coincides with the 2013 International Women's Day celebrations.




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