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Norma Desmond Had This Line in a Movie ...
Joseph Piccillo is an artist known principally for compositions of human faces and figures set within or against abstract spaces. Face to Face, his forthcoming exhibit scheduled to open on 3/2 at the Robert Kidd Gallery in Birmingham is an array of canvases set in grid fashion that focuses on a wide and eclectic selection of faces - many of them drawn from history, film, fashion or other sources. The collective result is a sort of meditation on both fame and the romanticism often associated with portraiture. Spectators will be invited to not merely gaze at one visage after another, but to seek some discernible motif of emotion that animates each one. 107 Townsend Street.

If we have been neglectful of The Store Front Gallery, forgive us. If you've never heard of the Store Front Gallery, here an opportunity for all parties concerned to make amends and get a fresh start on the whole matter. On 3/1, the Ferndale establishment will salute the Year of The Snake with an impressive group show featuring four artists and a baker. The non-culinary quartet are sculptor Chris Zagacki, candlesmith Rachel Mason, craftsperson Christina Ross and painter Mike Roos - the last metioned gentleman having already made an impressive splash at the Ferndale Public Library. Oh, and the master of the oven on this occasion is a person named Allie Jankins whose "baked yummies" are reputedly second to none. 5 to 9 p.m. at 477 W. Marshall. Note: There will also be a show on 3/2 from 3 to 9 p.m.

Better Than Burpee
We can't hurry the calendar along and global warming presumably doesn't need our help, but we can announce that MOCAD has a summer catalog ready for unveiling and that it ties in with an eagerly anticipated show entitled Post-Industrial Complex that will be curated by Jon Brumit and Katie Grace McGowan. The exhibit is intended to be a group show, a public survey and source material that gives some clear picture of the creative efforts devoted to what is being described to us as "the ingenuity and adaptivity of human-scale production in the Detroit area." Originating in a museum sponsored postcard submission campaign, the planned showcase is a celebration of the independently creative that prevails even in the face of unprecedented shifts in industrialized manufacturing in the region. The book features submissions from makers, tinkerers and modifiers in metro Detroit plus essays by Wayne State University professor of history, Francis Shor, Detroit-based PhD candidate in anthropology at Harvard University, Julia Yezbick and New York-based architecture critic and curator Nina Rappaport. 3/1 at 4454 Woodward Avenue.

As we have said and stated so many times before, the talented men and women who comprise our area's enviable roster of tattoo artists are no slouches when it comes to using materials beyond human skin. In fact, they're non-dermal canvases are pretty impressive - something we noticed at the START Gallery when that space presented Beyond The Machine last year. It's time now for a second round and the works are already up for your appraisal. The list is noticeably more national this time, but there's many a familiar name on it. Paintings, sculpture, photography and more will be on display. You'll also see works inspired directly or indirectly by tattoo culture. Among the participating artists are Mark Arminski, Robert Nixon, Kevin Jarvis, Rob Adams, SLAW, Tim Lee and DVS. 206 E. Grand River (one block away from the Opera House) in Detroit. No word yet if there will be in-house inking.

Circled and Heard
Putting in a plug or a recommendation for The Lion King is about as necessary as making a case for the Super Bowl or a third round of paczki. Nevertheless, the ongoing production down at the Detroit Opera House is too good to go unmentioned and it also enjoys warm personal recommendations from two of our favorite barkeeps at the newly refurbished Gusoline Alley. Also many of you seem to be unaware that it will be packing the house well into next month. More importantly, there will be a future signed performance of the show before the completion of its run at the Opera House. More: michiganopera.org | RDW



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