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The Diven Dossier ... And The Update You Wanted

We've often wondered if photographer Kristine Diven's surname had an extra letter at some point in the past, because "Driven" seems so much more in keeping with her character and talent. And now that certain "technical matters" at District VII (her base of operations near Rivertown) have been happily resolved, a pretty impressive itinerary for taking over the world is taking shape right now. D7 itself is being gradually refitted as a hackerspace/makerspace (i.e., a location where people with a shared interest in arts, technology and electronics can meet, kick back, and split atoms) with a strong focus on New Media Arts with future projects and guest speakers lined up. Late July will see Diven, partner Micho Detronik, and friends participating in the Maker Faire Detroit 2011, one of the largest DIY events in the Detroit area. There's going to be an opening party 7/29 at District VII to complement the doings at the Henry Ford – live interactive sculpture, gizmos refashioned as drum machines and synths, the Detroit Techno Militia making noise along with members of Dethlab, Rob Messerschmidt (Live Gallery PA), Doc Colony (Live Gallery PA and Visual Show) and maybe a Neutron Bomb Dance or two. There will be fun glow-in-the-dark items for both adults and kids, and special visuals to boot. As the dog days of August commence to bark, the "Kristine Kave" will go from atomic to anatomic with Corpus Illuminata, an exhibition inspired by the body and certain medical curiosities noted over the centuries. One third of the show will feature works by artists; another third will be a "museum" of Victorian oddities; the concluding third will be an advanced Gray's Anatomy symposium. This particular event is being produced in partnership with Joseph Ferraro and DVS. Last but not least, the address on Wight (NOT Wright!) will host several modeling workshops devoted to the timeless glories of burlesque and the pin-up. Check detroitmakers.tumblr.com for updates.

The Spice Must Flow!

We've yet to experience a single Ann Arbor Art Fair that doesn't seem (or feel) like a lost scene from Dune or some other film set on a hot, inhospitable planet. We'll pump the sizzling stroll next week. For now, we're going to suggest you acclimatize yourself to the weather in those parts by visiting the beautiful (and blissfully chilled) UMMA. They have one show already up and running devoted to Amalia Pica. A London-based/Argentinian born artist (now THAT'S eclectic weather!), her works explore our relationship to such ephemeral matters as time, perception, and recollection. You will see megaphones included in her pieces and quite a number of subtle references to the political history of South America. The Pica project is in place thru 9/18. On 7/16, you can acquaint yourself with Contemporary Chinese Woodblock Prints, an exhibit featuring works by no fewer than 41 leading printmakers – each one addressing this particular medium with a unique and highly individualistic style. Among them: He Kun, Fang Limin, Kang Ning and Xu Bing. The exhibit is also noteworthy for the way in which it outlines the development of certain styles since a noteworthy 1931 showcase in Shanghai revealed the new directions that were being taken with this most ancient of arts. Thru 10/23. Oh, and be sure to check out a nice alcove on the premises called the Multipurpose Room. More: umma.umich.edu.

Free Parking Would Make It Perfect, But ...

Alas, it does look like Detroit has belatedly embraced a policy of revenue enhancement thru windshield tickets. But enough about the Meter Nazis, suburban or otherwise. Check your driver's license. If it reads Livonia, New Baltimore, St. Clair Shores or several other places, then between now and 8/28 you might find yourself enjoying four free general admission to a DIA Family Sunday. It's all part of our downtown Louvre's ongoing Inside/Out Program. And trust us, it will probably be a lot cooler Inside than Out. More: dia.org.


If you can't make it to A2 for that meteorological dry run we suggested a moment ago, follow Jefferson until it turns into Biddle, park, get out of your car, and enjoy the 50th Annual Wyandotte Street Fair on 7/13. Over 300 artists will be selling their wares, a host of the musically inclined will be performing, and everything from a coney dog to Thai delicacies will be cooked up wherever you happen to turn. Full roster of guests and performers is available on Facebook and also at wyandotte.net. By the way, bring an extra batch of candles for the cake, because 7/13 also marks the 30th anniversary of our beloved River's Edge Gallery. | RDW



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