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Stage & Canvas (June 18, 2008) 

And Every Woman a Gentileschi!
Think about this for a second. If Dan Robbins hadn’t created Paint by Numbers back in the 50s, it’s quite possible that Andy Warhol would have never left Pittsburgh. It’s conceivable that David Hockney would be someone’s poolboy right now. And Michael Segal would probably be selling insurance in Garden City. You sure wouldn’t be reading this anyway. Robbins, a Detroit native who persuaded his employers that the time had come to tap into Middle-America’s inner muse, saw his idea mushroom like an H-Bomb across the country. Now you can enjoy a belated and well-deserved salute to Dan at the DAM. And you can also get into the spirit of things by checking out the numerous Spirit of Detroit pieces that were expressly made for the show. The one by Julie Fournier is especially festive. It’s all inside the lines (and outside them) until July 12. Go to detroitartistsmarket.org.

Local Girl Does (and continues to do) Good
We promised to keep a sharp eye on Mare Costello after she pulled up stakes and moved to L.A. Just got word that the talented artist/actress has a movie that will be screened at the Sixth Annual Planet Ant Film & Video Festival that runs June 18-21. Fu Cents is “a story told with no words” about a peace-loving ninja who strives to free society from corruption and pain by battling an aggressive meter maid. Yes, we smell an Oscar! And since we live in Royal Oak, we can only sympathize with the heroine and her noble pursuits. Shot in the Motor City, Fu Cents is only one of many visual treats at the Fest. Check planetant.com/festival. And for more on MLC, go to myspace.com/freemare or that growing list of credits at IMDB.

The Art Monkeys Do NOT Fly, But ...
There are no less than four exquisite drawings of the exquisite Lana now gracing the walls at Cafe 1923 in Hamtramck. They’re there, along with dozens of other great lines, thanks to the Detroit chapter of “Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School.” The cenobites of this particular chapterhouse turned (per the good doc’s instructions) to the demimonde of cabaret and burlesque. The images that resulted are lusty affirmations of life and a truly incredible outburst of talent. Some old names and some new ones. We especially liked Sean Bieri’s and Matt Feazell’s contributions. It’s Sketchy (but sharp) until July 12 at 2287 Holbrook.

Satori Resartus
It’s going to be Funy as Hell in Rochester this June 20-21 thanks to Russell Taylor and Satori Circus. In case you’ve never been subjected to this theatrical wonder before, let’s lob a few subjective and succinct grenades your way: Satori Circus is the Theatre of the Absurd — on Mars. It is la commedia catharsis for a discerning audience that has not yet been dulled permanently by happy hour mimesis. It is absolutely mesmerizing — especially when it dawns on you that the cryptic tableau being presented is some weird variation of a forgotten dream in YOUR head. Intrigued? You’d better be — even we're impressed with what we just wrote. 210 Campbell/Suite D is the address — more info at myspace.com/satori_circus.

Cue That Immortal Song by The Jamies
Saying hello to summer at the Biddle Gallery this June 20 will hopefully be less traumatic than the way we said adieu to spring earlier this month. The Summer Solstice Block Party and Art Show scheduled there certainly sounds cool and inviting. New kids on the Wyandotte block include Sarah Burger, Susan Crowley, Kyle Raetz and others. Plus we’re getting short films from Dave Moroski and Davin Brainard projected on the side of the building. Elroy Grandy might even do a “sunset.” Enjoy the music by Jawbone, too. It’s no sweat if you need more details. Go to biddlegallery.com.  | RDW

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