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Rilo Kiley 



Little record company

"Let it be printed/Let it be known that I'm leaving you..." is a threat that we are not willing to face from the beloved Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley. After a confusing few years from one of indie's favorite bands, Rilo Kiley is releasing a compilation album that will please their devoted fans. New to them? Rkives will still impress. "Let Me Back In" is a huge crowd-pleaser that sounds refreshingly crisp through some headphones. There are some oldies that don't translate ("American Wife"), but there is a litany of unreleased tracks to make up for it, made all the more bittersweet by the fact that this is most likely the last record we'll hear from Lewis & Co. Side note: fans lucky enough to have gotten tickets for The Postal Service's already sold out show in June will likely be getting to catch Lewis on stage as well. —Gary Bartle

Worth a Listen: "Let Me In" and "Runnin' Around"




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