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Aim Your Arrows


Aim Your Arrows, a local pop-punk rock band with a glimmer of hardcore, released an edgy debut EP this year. Reflections consists of just six tracks, each with a different form of a "screw you" attitude (and we dig that) encapsulated therein. Hard guitar riffs paired with melodic chick vocals give this EP a style similar to that of Paramore, but just a little more cut-throat. We especially liked the ending bass and drum solo in the final track, "Pictures". All in all, this record's a great buy for both those who love themselves a cathartic little "fuck off" scream fest for the car ride home as well as those who're looking for some awesome girl rock that the boys can get in on too. —Ashley Zlatopolsky

Worth a Listen: "Why is Derek on the Roof? (Ohmigawd!)"

Aim Your Arrows


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