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A throwback place to throw a few back By Joe Hakim

The motto at Delux, according to Managing Partner Jay Brown, is simple: "Respect the wood."

Brown's reference is to his disdain for serving alcohol in anything other than proper bar ware. For Brown, there is something inherently wrong about doing it any other way. "We're serving real drinks here. No plastic cups," he says.

The drinks are definitely the focus at Delux. With a food menu limited to cheese trays, the emphasis is on the bartenders and their uncanny ability to pour a proper cocktail.

Unlike many bars, Delux is not saturated with televisions. There are some TVs, so you can watch the game, but Delux is a place to pull up to the bar, banter with Brown and just hang out. The atmosphere walks the line between swanky club and dive bar, depending on the night.

"When we designed Delux five years ago, we wanted it to look like a basement in Los Angeles in the 1960s," Brown said. Dimly lit and spacious, Delux is very much a classic bar. The long wooden bar is the focal point of the space with a few booths and a V.I.P. area.

V.I.Ps are treated well at Delux. When you rent the V.I.P. area, your cover is waived and a round of shots is on the house. Once those shots are gone, take a look at the martini menu.

Delux's extensive martini menu would keep even the most seasoned drinker busy for at least a week. Martinis have names like Sour Puss, Beachtini and Jewelers Hammer. But don't be fooled by the cute names; these are some serious drinks. The prices are reasonable, too, especially during happy hour where everything is $1 off (4-8 p.m. Monday-Friday).

Open to 2 a.m. most nights, Delux is a favorite spot for service industry employees getting off work, especially during the off-season for the area's pro sports teams. When the Tigers, Lions or Red Wings are in town, the Ouzo Cruzo shuttles fans to and from Delux, as well as other locations in Greektown.

Whether you're looking for a place to throw back a couple beers or to hang out and sip on a properly made martini, Delux is your place. | RDW



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