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Raise The Bar (June 4, 2008) 

Utter Love Within, What’s your specialty drink?

Utter Love Within

While Rochester Hills may be a hike for some patrons, the visit to Muldoon's ("A Local Tavern") is well worth the gas dollars spent. “This is a good place for a girl to come in, have a cocktail and not be bothered,” says manager Carla Grider. “Muldoon’s is simply a more relaxed and comfortable environment all around.” Sometimes that’s all we need after those long, unbearable days — good company amongst good people.

Muldoon’s stands as a hot drink spot in the OC, and although metro-Detroit is no Orange County (Do we really want to be? No.), we can still run with the best of 'em. Aside from the numerous entertainment choices, talented acoustic sets take place in a creative corner of this chill environment. Justine Blazen set off the night for her first time at Muldoon’s and the crowd couldn’t have been more content. Cuddling couples and talkative trios were equally amused with the soothing sounds created while Real Detroit was merely lovin’ the thought of being serenaded. It’s hard to escape the blissful sway of the crowd ... even for management. Grider was all over the place making nice with patrons, old and new.

“I want to bring back the same faces,” says Grider, “so we try to build a rapport with patrons so they keep coming back.” They’d be crazy not to, especially after factoring in the friendly, attentive staff at everyone’s disposal. The Muldoon girls are memorable in limitless ways and such service has to start somewhere. “I wouldn’t ask my girls to do something I wouldn’t do, so we all try to pull together as a team,” states Grider.

Strong bonds and tight-knit relationships like the ones created at Muldoon’s are sure to create smiles upon happy faces, which are guaranteed to return. It just goes to show how far heart and soul can get in this business. Some might go as far as saying Muldoon’s is magic in the making.  | RDW

Drink Up with Bartender Nicole Kenning

What’s your specialty drink?
Royal Flush.

What’s in that?
Crown Royal, Peach Schnapps and cranberry juice.

What does it taste like?
Money; I’m originally from Vegas so I gotta give 'em some props.

What’s the best setting for the drink?
At a poker machine in Vegas.

Random Comment?
I’m not sayin’ … I’m just sayin’ …

What would your porn star name be?
Sparky Treetrunk.

Napkin Notes
Hours: Monday through Saturday, 10:30 to 2:30 a.m.; Sunday, 12 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Digits: 248.852.2707
Address: 3982 W. Auburn Rd., Rochester Hills
Myspace: myspace.com/muldoons

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Utter Love Within, What’s your specialty drink?


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