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Psychic In The City 


Dear Psychic In The City,

I am a Detroit Red Wing fanatic. I don't think that is so uncommon since we do have the history of being an amazing hockey team. I am totally obsessed with Chris Osgood. I can't get enough of him. I seriously think I am connected to him on a soul level. Is this kind of obsession normal?


Wing Nut in Garden City

Dear Wing Nut,

Celebrity icons are admired and idolized by millions due to their fame, power, wealth, status and achievements. We bow down to these prominent figures. They are truly, and without shame, made into idols and revered as gods. People mistakably envy the "perfect" lives of celebrities; their posh, multi-million-dollar mansions, expensive cars, monstrous bank accounts and the freedom that comes with wealth and fame.

You have followed your connection to Ozzie closer than real romantic connections in your life, sometimes to the point of obsession. You track his social circles, personal victories and failures to the point that it becomes a central topic of conversation. You talk with others about Ozzie as if they are his mutual friends and acquaintances beyond the common bond between Wing fans.

I often work with people to gather an understanding of deeper aspects of self, including love and karmic relationships. Karmic relationships, meaning that we have a contract of sorts, with someone on a soul level. Soul mates differ than a karmic relationship. Soul mates are twin souls. Soul mates are naturally drawn to each other. They seek each other out their whole lives with the same intensity. Usually this is unconsciously done. While it is difficult for me to project your spiritual connection with Ozzie, I feel it is more of a karmic connection. However, I don't believe it will ever be in a physical sense. I would encourage you to look at a commonality or lessons your guides are attempting to push you towards. And remember, don't get too crazy with it; restraining orders are the real deal. | RDW

Elizabeth Shanaver, an establish psychic/medium for more than 18 years, is available for individual, corporate or private events. Don't forget to "like" Psychic In The City on facebook.com/psychicinthecity. Have a question? E-mail psychicinthecity@yahoo.com.



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