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Orchid in Ferndale brings big city nightlife to the small (but big at heart) city of Ferndale. Opened for a year and a half now, Orchid – located right in the heart of downtown Ferndale on 9 Mile Road at Woodward – brings to the funky Ferndale scene the kind of vibrant, upscale nightlife that trend-setters crave right in their own backyard.

And why, exactly, does this still-new club seem to be topping the list of places in metro Detroit to see and be seen? Owned by the same folks that brought (and continue to bring) you the holy grail of dance clubs, Luna, though this place might not even be two years old, it's got plenty of partying experience.

This nightclub is open Friday and Saturday nights with dancing and great drink specials. Enjoy $2 you-call-its until 11 p.m. and $3 shot and drink specials until 12:30 a.m. (Be sure to have one of their signature shots like the James the Giant Peach or the Gummybear.) Plus after all of that drinking and dancing, you'll probably have worked up a ravenous appetite – which is why they serve free late-night pizza. And if you're a penny-pincher (who isn't these days, amirite?), there's no cover before 10 p.m.

Though Orchid only opens its doors two days a week, they certainly make those nights count. Along with those aforementioned drink specials (can you get drunk for cheaper anywhere else on any given weekend in the area? Probably not), the place is packed with plenty of entertainment as well. Orchid Fridays bring patrons the musical stylings of DJ Pauly P and VJ Bethany while Saturdays offer an eclectic mix of music from DJ Rikki and DJ Savage (as well as drink special call outs all night.)

But what really makes this place so fabulously Ferndale is the mixed crowd that it attracts – young and ... well let's just say not-as-young, black and white (and Latino and Asian and everything else), gay and straight. This is definitely one of the most diverse club crowds you'll find anywhere in metro Detroit. Suffice it to say, you can plan your birthday (or bachelor or bachelorette or any other kind of party) here and you'll never have to worry that any of your guests will feel out of place. And that's only one reason it's one of the best places to head to every weekend.

The music is just as diverse as the crowd (which is probably why this place works for so many people). You'll hear current top 40, old school and new school hip-hop, R&B, funk, electronic, indie, alternative and dance music from the '90s through today. Could you ask for anything more? We didn't think so. But, of course, there is more. So, so much more.

While Orchid will certainly keep you sweaty all winter long, summer at Orchid is a special treat (and it's coming! It's coming soon!). Their awesome outdoor patio has a full bar with seating areas and fire pits for those cooler nights. While the party is still hot, the patio is much more chill – take a break from the dance floor and head out here to kick back and relax with your friends and a few drinks.

Whether you and a couple of friends are just looking to dance and have a few cheap drinks or if you're celebrating a birthday or rolling with a big bachelorette party, Orchid has a welcoming ambiance for everyone. Also, if you are planning on rolling up with a big group, they've got great deals on tables and booth reservations; email orchidbooths@gmail.com to inquire. Let their sexy staff take care of you and enjoy all that Orchid has to offer! You'll wonder why you went anywhere else!




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