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Movement: Illy Mack

On Saturday, 5/22, you might want to consider a trip to The Belmont in Hamtramck to see Detroit's own Illy Mack. I took a chance on this project earlier in the year during the Hamtramck Blowout and I was amazed. A two-piece that managed to work in live drums, live bass, keyboards, guitar, saxophone and more into a stripped-down, female-fronted, lo-fi pop assault. It bounces between quiet to loud and then back again, while Jennifer David, who fronts the project, delivers a no-nonsense approach to the songwriting and the delivery. Her voice is the key ingredient. It's pop, but a little raspy and it's rooted in sometime before now. I guess it's somewhere between a young girl's take on the classic Motown girl sound and a half-nod to The Beatles? Kind of. It's just a matter of time for these two, Detroit. Don't sleep on it. 

5/22 • The Belmont • 18+ • $5

The Spin: Audio Bullys — Higher Than The Eiffel

This week, America gets the latest release from the UK's Audio Bullys titled Higher Than the Eiffel. I've had my hands on the version released earlier in the UK, and thought from the start that they did a fantastic job with this album. They've been doing the danceable indie/house thing for awhile now ... a dash of hip-hop, some breaks fused with more instrument-oriented punk. There are enough different things going on to make this record really easy to like without it ever really feeling over the top. The first half of the record is where you'll find most of the standout tracks in my opinion: "Only Man" at two and "Twist Me Up" at five are the go-tos. Even though the second half gets caught up once or twice in a lull, it's still very worth your while. Even if they're not doing anything that new, really, they still come off as relevant even seven years after their inception. Cooking Vinyl is the imprint that you'll find the record on, and you can get some audio, information and videos at | RDW

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