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Mike Leslie Band 




Self Released

It's often hard to make it in the city of Detroit, so we like to support our local scene as much as possible here at the city's most dangerous weekly. What makes that effort a little bit easier, is when local musicians put out music that's as great in its technicality as it is in listen-ability. Mike Leslie and his backing band have done just that, and while their new EP is only three songs long, it's a great listen from back to front. Rock in its truest sense, those who blindly call themselves fans of anything that graces the radio as such will truly delight in this record, as its musicianship is spot on and it's lyrics are ubiquitously felt. As is not always the case with newer acts, the singing done by Leslie is very enjoyable and the harmonizing in "Embers" is pretty impressive as well. "Nothing to Lose" offers something a little bit different than its two other fellows, a much lighter tune that has hints of doo-wop that we personally dig. The change of pace also showcases this group's versatility and dexterity in various different styles, a knack that will have them going places soon enough.

Worth a Listen: "Embers"



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