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Male Bonding 

Young Brits Take The States By Storm

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Male Bonding
Young Brits Take The States By Storm

If you’re in a band called Male Bonding, and you started said band at an epic house party named RAGE one night in London, you might expect that music fans would have a hard time taking you seriously. “It was really cool,” remembers singer and bassist Kevin Hendrick of that first beer bash back in May 2008. “We just played in the front room, and there was a giant trampoline out the back.” Ah, youth. These three young blokes play fast noise-pop ditties faster, like punk rock on Adderall — with as much energy as you can imagine three young chaps from London could muster. And in less than two years, Hendrick, singer and guitarist John Arthur Webb and Robin Silas Christian on drums were signed by Sub Pop records. Not bad for a couple of kids. So how did Male Bonding make the leap from house parties to a lo-fi album, not to mention touring with the Vivian Girls? “We basically started releasing cassettes, which were cheap to make. We did a couple of cassette releases, and with the money we made from that, we generated enough to make our 7” — and also, we would pour money in from what we made as a band at shows,” he says. Now all three of them are running their own label — proof that the DIY spirit is alive and well in rock. “Everything we do just goes back into the next thing.”

Hendrick says he learned to play guitar by playing records sped up to 45 rpm. He laughs when we ask if he takes anything slow. “Yeah we do. There’s a slow side trying to get out, trying to fight its way out. There’s a hippie in there,“ he claims. You couldn’t tell by listening to their first full-length album, Nothing Hurts. It's comprised of 13 two-minute-long jams, which clock in at just about a half hour. Coffee helps. The dudes all live in the same house, “and we all fight over the coffee when we wake up,” he admits.

These lads are pumped to play the Motor City again. “We had the most amazing day in Detroit. We went to the Heidelberg Project; that completely blew my mind,” Hendrick says. “That venue is amazing, the Magic Stick.” Expect all trappings of a house party at their show … well, except for the giant trampoline.  | RDW

Male Bonding w/ The Soft Pack and Beaters • 4/8, 8 p.m. • The Magic Stick • 4140 Woodward Ave., Detroit • 313.833.9700 • majesticdetroit.com • $8

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Young Brits Take The States By Storm


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