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Little Brother 

Little Brother

Nice To Meet you
Little Brother

Let's assume you don’t know hip-hop duo Little Brother. Their current single, “Good Clothes,” is the leadoff to their much-anticipated third album GetBack, a worthy follow-up to the group’s two previous (and highly adored) albums, The Listening and The Minstrel Show.

But let's pretend this is the first time you’ve heard of them.

I’d like to first introduce you to Thomas Jones. In love with hip-hop, he put his feelings on record under the moniker Big Pooh.

“I use my songs as a form of therapy,” Pooh says. “Sometimes you don’t feel like having a conversation with somebody. Sometimes you’ve got something on your mind or on your chest that you want to get out — that you’ve just got to get out there.”

A student at North Carolina Central University, Big Pooh furthered his education with hopes to achieve more out of life through successfully completing college-level scholastics. At the same time he dealt with family issues, trying to make it as a recording artist, earning respect from peers, would-be consumers and the recording industry.  

“It can get very emotional when I’m writing personal stuff in my raps,” he says. “I go back and listen and be like, ‘Ooh … that’s tough right there.’ I fall back thinking, ‘Man, I wrote that.’ I black out and just write, especially when it comes to family stuff.”

Together, rappers Big Pooh and Phonte are known as Little Brother, two siblings in hip-hop’s extended family. They’ve given birth to a following that continues to reproduce. Procreation furthers each time their music is introduced to new ears.

“Music is an expression of the person who makes it, and that expression is extended to people who accept it,” Phonte says. “Every person is different, even twins. Our fans know what to expect from Little Brother, and we give them something different each time. It’s like they know us but they’re meeting us all over again.”  | RDW

Little Brother • 10/24 • St. Andrews Hall

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Little Brother


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