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Contrary to what you might think is about to happen, this writer is not about to trash Ke$ha and her sophomore release, Warrior. In fact, I'd like to give this trashy young lady a nice round of applause (feel free to join me). And while you might be gasping in horror that someone who also counts Cat Power as one of their favorite artists of all time could also possibly like the contrite and veritably meaningless dance confections put forth by this 25-year-old "singer" and songwriter, it is true. Ke$ha is good at what she does. And while what she does might be no less than some kind of schtick, it is still super fun and it is still the kind of music you don't need to over-analyze. All you need to do is enjoy. And possibly dance moronically, but that really depends on your personal style of music enjoyment. Anyway, back to the album specifically, Warrior doesn't sound very much different from Animal. In fact, if you told us all the songs were taken from the same period of writing, it would sound about right. The 16 tracks found on the deluxe edition are just as glitter-throwing, over-the-top tacky pop tunes as the string of hits the singer released from her first record. Which is exactly why this album is worthwhile. Stick to what you know, people. Do what you do best. That's what Ke$ha does here and that is why she succeeds. Instead of, like her predecessors –eh hem Britney Spears eh hem – Ke$ha does not strive to turn her work into some deep, meaningful pile of puke that nobody cares about. She gives her listeners something in which to find release. We were personal fans of the "C'mon," while not particularly in love with the album's title track only for the fact that the verses tended to sound a little weird and unnatural, while the chorus remains as catchy as ever. "Thinking of You" is another personal favorite, purely for that fact that Ke$ha manages to take a weepy break-up song and make it dance-worthy.

Worth a Listen: "Die Young" and "C'mon"



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