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Graham Parsons & The Go-Rounds


Graham Parsons & the Go-Rounds

I know gas prices are only going up higher, but you'd be amazed at the similarly strong music scenes germinating just a few counties West of Detroit - it's high time the metro area got to know Kalamazoo's indie-Americana-pop quintet the Go Rounds, fronted by an unassuming young Yooper songwriter with a lot of heart, mellifluous pipes and a keen sense for rousing folk ballads: Graham Parsons. Graham and the Go Rounds release their 2nd LP at Woodruff's in Ypsilanti on 4/13 (with a following show 4/15 at Kalamazoo's Strutt). Graham's current cuts:

Chris Bathgate – "Salt Year" Robin Parrent – "Exocism" Neil Young – "On the Beach" Samantha Crain –"You(understood)" Bill Callahan –"Apocalypse" Tiny Rhythm –"Do the Caveman" Gitis Baggs – "The Universe and Dr. Kaiser" Bonnie "Prince" Billy – "Beware" George Jones – " A collection of my best recollection" Guy – "Lets Chill"

Graham Parsons & The Go-Rounds


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