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Wicked Clowns Never Die

Wicked Clowns Never Die

For damn near two decades, Detroit’s own Insane Clown Posse have established an empire. Not only is their catalogue of releases flat out enormous, but they have their own record label, wrestling federation, podcast radio station, annual Hallowicked Halloween show, sub-label, the coolest merch ever and the once-a-year Gathering of the Juggalos.

ICP never sleep. Love them or hate them, their empire isn’t crumbling anytime soon. Once again, for the annual Detroit Hallowicked show, I talked to everyone’s favorite psychopathic serial killa, Violent J, so he could dish the dirt on what’s going on with ICP and Psychopathic Records.

Lately you’ve been focusing a lot on your wrestling federation.
What we’re trying to do is give the Juggalos a reason to gather besides concerts. Being a Juggalo is a way of life. It runs deeper than going to a concert. We’re offering another way to gather. Wrestling seems to be the best way to do it. It’s patriotic towards juggalo-ism. We’ve been involved in wrestling for so long — we’ve schooled it. It creates new stars like Corporal Robinson and 2 Tuff Tony and betters their wrestling careers. J.C.W. is opposite of work for us. It’s fun.

How’s the Hallowicked Tour going to far?
Fresh — devastating! We played in Baltimore and the place had a lower ceiling and it pisses me off because I can’t do what I want with the Faygo.

What do you have planned for the Detroit Hallowicked show?
More songs, more music and a different stage set. We’re doing a lot of shit we never do in concert. Not necessarily older shit, but stuff from Bizaar/Bizzar and songs from Shangri-La and Hell’s Pit. We’re also doing some stuff from The Ringmaster and The Tempest.

What do you say to fans when they say they want a new album that sounds like your older releases?
Well, it's impossible. Even if we use the same beats and the same keyboard sounds, they were recorded at that time in our lives. I consider each album an era — we can never do a Ringmaster album again. The freshest thing about The Ringmaster is that the album will never go away. You can always get out the CD and put it in.

How’s WFuckOffRadio.com going?
I’m really surprised it’s not more of a source of information. I’d like to have some of our company news be broke on WFuckOff. Our goal with that is to have it grow and be fresher.

Will another Dark Lotus album ever come out?
Yeah! Right when we get home from the tour — the minute we get home. We’re already putting the beats together. We’re even going to do a tour.

What’s up with the next ICP album?
I’ll tell you this, the feelings in our minds change often. Our new album is going back to a theme. It’s not going to be just an album of music, it’s going to drop jaws.  | RDW

ICP Hallowicked Tour • 10/31 • The Fillmore

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Wicked Clowns Never Die


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