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Icona Pop 

The Iconic EP

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big beat records

Chances are you've heard the lead single off this emerging Swedish DJ duo's new EP. As much as we don't like to admit it, we first heard "I Love It" while catching up on our guiltiest pleasure, Snooki and JWoww. As sad as it seems when a really good song gets picked up for a really bad MTV show, these things do happen and luckily it means that the masses are introduced to exactly what is right in the world of electropop. Almost like the female version of Passion Pit this pair of lady music makers spin deliberately off-kilter and incredibly catchy dance tunes. Oh, and speaking of Passion Pit, these ladies seems to be taking a page out of their very successful book, with one of our favorite tracks off this EP being entitled "Manners," much like the group's debut release. "Top Rated" is a little more pop than the other five tracks here, sounding a little something like Ke$ha-meets-Brittany. Regardless, every track here is addictivly fun.

Worth a Listen: "Good For You" and "Manners"

The Iconic EP


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