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LEO: July 21 – August 20

You don't need to know exactly what the plan is; none of us do. Certainty has nothing to do with 'the plan'. You've come to a place where everything you're up to needs to be reevaluated. This doesn't mean that you need to throw everything out the window; there's a huge difference between regrouping and throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Chill out with whatever you're ruminating on and try to understand that you won't get to the bottom of it until you haul back and see it for what it is. The truth will set you free. Getting in touch with it will involve going back to what brought you here to begin with.

VIRGO: August 21 – September 20

You have too much going on, but what else is new? Lots of things are on the increase, and they have more to do with what's happening to you inwardly that they do with your worldly affairs. The connection between your well being and the level of harmony in your outer reality is more direct with you guys than it is with the rest of us. If you're anxious and fretting over the long list of things that you don't even have to worry about, do yourself a favor and give it up. You're getting hit with a raft of good vibes that can't enter your life until you learn how to let go and surrender to the thought that joy is the operative word.

LIBRA: September 21 – October 20

You have so much faith in what's going on here. There's nothing wrong with being this trusting; but small doses of realism will keep you from getting taken in. Hold steady in all of your affairs. Maintain your position and make sure that you don't get too identified with the way things go. Others are having a hard time coming to terms with themselves. Waiting for anyone to figure out who they want to be when they grow up shouldn't tie things up any longer than it has to. At a certain point you will have to see the forest for the trees and get decisive about whether or not you are willing to stick around and make things work.

SCORPIO: October 21 – November 20

You have no way of knowing where this is going. The sense that it's all to the good will be supported by every effort you make to remain in the moment. A thousand and one options are making it hard to know which one you need to focus on. Within all this activity, and under the weight of a lot of expectation and responsibility something inside you feels lighter and more peaceful than you have in a long time. Take advantage of the moment. You could use some time out to gather strength and regroup. Give yourself plenty of space to reflect on your place in this situation, and your motives for continuing to pursue it.

SAGITTARIUS: November 21 – December 20

Give yourself all the space in the world to go ahead with this. Don't let the sense that you can never go back keep you from speaking your truth. Life is no game, and even though you get through it with a lighter hand than most of us, this is one of those moments where you are redefining everything. As you wait for signs to tell you how it needs to go, you already know what to do. Pressure is being brought to bear upon whether or not you can agree to the same old thing. There's no way you will figure that out until the lines of communication open and you start talking to the ones who can do something about it.

CAPRICORN: December 21 – January 20

Getting slammed with more than you can handle is a theme. Too much of whatever it is could be a very good thing, from both a financial and an emotional perspective. The trick for the next few months will involve remembering that whatever you're putting out is going to lay the groundwork for things that endure for a long time. That being said, your best efforts are required at a time when your physical and emotional centers are sapped. Regenerating and restoring the energy body is absolutely essential for you guys; keep the inner piece alive and well enough to form the framework for your 'whole new life'.

AQUARIUS: January 21 – February 20

The business of keeping things cool, calm, and collected is always more fun when your extended family comes to call. Don't be too quick to judge them and don't assume that you're the only one who sees things for what they are. Underneath it all there is nothing but love and everyone is doing the best that they can. Beyond that it's time to start thinking about where your plans need to go. This doesn't mean you're ready to change the whole story, but it's quite obvious that the dynamics in your career and your personal life are being recalibrated to create more space for you, and to give you a good reason to keep on keeping on.

PISCES: February 21 – March 20

The possibilities are endless. It looks like you guys are coming into your own; either that or you're going over the top with the things that give you your reputation for being so 'unique'. Walking the line that keeps you clear and centered in the eye of the storm will mean different things to each of you. When it comes to love and relationships, don't let your best qualities get trashed by ANYONE, and don't be too quick to assume that love means putting up with anything. If you're thinking about your career, now would be a good time to go alternative, leave the mainstream, cut loose, and step totally out of the box.

ARIES: March 21 – April 20

Your control issues are making it hard to know how to handle a touchy situation. It's been said that the more we try to keep things under control the more chaotic they get. For now, it might be best to keep your fingers out of the machinery and let whether or not others pass or fail be up to them. You've got enough on your hands trying to reconcile the gaps in your own psyche. The deeper need to be dealing with your own stuff calls you to get strong enough to be here for this; because there is no way of telling how it will end up - and no amount of flexing, pushing, and/or agonizing on your part is going to force it into place.

TAURUS: April 21 – May 20

Before you can get out of limbo there are a few things that need to be cleared up. If you're upset that things aren't going anywhere, it will help to remind yourself that this lack of progress means it's time to get real and look at what's in the way. You're smart enough to know that 'attitude is everything'. The best intentions and the 'Happy Face' only work when you're dishing them out without placing too many stipulations on what you expect to get in return. For the next few months you're going to be looking at some of the deeper stuff. Only when that gets cleared will you be free to be on your way

GEMINI: May 21 – June 20

You are blowing hot and cold on things that require a steadier flame. Others are giving you a hard time about your lack of enthusiasm. At this point the best you can do is ask yourself why any of it matters, because your spirit is tired of the same old thing and it's looking for some answers. By the time you read this you will most likely be clear that you've got to go one way or another. Even if it takes the next few months what is too confusing to you now will soon be unraveled in a way that will make you thank God you knew enough to let the universe point the way. Stay centered; all things come to those who wait.

CANCER: June 21 – July 20

The weight of things has been lessened by the feeling that you can handle it. In the midst of a rush of energy that has come to lighten your load you are totally clear that things are subject to change. Moment to moment is where it's at. Whatever looks like it might fall into place will be there - or it won't - depending on what life needs from you. The best you can do is make hay while the sun shines. These blessings were meant to get you to whatever's next. Thank God for all of it but before you turn this into your religion keep in mind that there's no point in getting attached to things that wind up tying you down.| RDW



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