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Horoscopes (November 25, 2009) 

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ARIES: Too much of this has gotten to be about you. It would be great if you could see that other people have a say in things. And if you could ever get to the point where you begin to understand that their needs and wants are as important as yours it would be awesome. This business of thinking you’re the only one who counts is an old pattern. What developed in you as a child is totally inappropriate to the conditions you face now. It’s time to grow into the realization that you came here to share and loan as much space to others as you do to yourself.

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TAURUS: It all comes down to knowing what you want. If you’re sure about that, good; if you’re confused, it may be because you think you have to keep this going. Even a Hallmark Card can tell you nothing lasts forever. If you can accept the fact that we change and grow in cycles it will be easier for you to get over the belief that this is what you’re here for. I suspect that your Karmic lessons have a few more things to teach you. It’s time to open the frontier or at least get far enough out of the box to see that your life can be whatever you want it to be.

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GEMINI: When one thing changes you can be sure everything will change. Recent shifts in other people’s lives are bound to affect you one way or another. Their desire to reinvent themselves will put you in the position of having to adjust to any and all of the things that come up for them as they make this transition. Don’t be surprised if they start following you around. In the course of finding a new reason to live they will need you to be there for them in a completely different way. Role switching could be a theme; if you’ve been Mommy it may be time to play Daddy.

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CANCER: Sometimes people need to make us believe that we’re less than we are just to feel better about themselves. You have more to offer than you give yourself credit for. Don’t let anyone diminish you. And it would be great if you could begin to recognize yourself. Most of your energy gets spent nursing other people and their causes. If this seems insignificant, it isn’t. Very few of us really understand what it means to care but you have mastered this; what you still haven’t figured out is how to share yourself only with those who know how to reciprocate.

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LEO: You can’t keep this up much longer. If you’re too shell-shocked to see what’s going on it’s time to snap out of it. Diminishing yourself by accepting someone else’s bad behavior isn’t good for you or them. If you could see beyond the boundaries of the life you’ve created it would be obvious to you that there’s way more to it than this. And if you could get over the need to perpetuate issues that do nothing but keep the same patterns running, you would see that your situation has grown out of the fact that deep down inside you don’t feel appreciated.

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VIRGO: Don’t be too quick to deal out death and judgment. You may not like what’s going on but it’s not your place to decide who needs to be punished. One of the hardest things to learn is that you never know why, sometimes, the bad guy gets to win, or what purpose it serves for them to keep getting away with murder. Let this be. Obsessing over injustice and trying to put a stop to it only prevents you from pouring your energy into things that bring light into the world. Get over needing to be the cop. Whatever you’re trying to correct is being handled by a higher authority.

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LIBRA: You’ve never seen anything like this. As the days of your life unravel, you keep wondering what world you’re in. The darker side of human nature will cease to amaze you when you begin to accept it and the fraction of light that it contains. Only by illuminating the stuff we never thought was there do we get to grow beyond ourselves into a deeper understanding of life. As Gandalf once said: “There are older and fouler things than Orks in the deep places of the world.” There’s light at the end of 
the tunnel for sure — but you haven’t seen 
anything yet.

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SCORPIO: Too many things have opened up for you to be sure where to go with it. If your mind is getting blown it’s only because you thought you knew everything! Radical changes in perspective occur in cycles. This multiple choice question is there to help you figure out where you stand with yourself. There is no wrong answer, but your choice has to be made from your heart. Second guessing your inner truth will keep you wondering about what the truth might be. Don’t let your mind get too involved. Open it up and allow your heart to enter the conversation.

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SAGITTARIUS: You don’t have a clue where this will go but you’re totally OK with dropping the reins and free falling into the rest of your life. For the first time, nothing seems to matter and somehow you’ve found a way to liberate yourself from the shackles of the past. Whether you know it or not you’re being reborn. If there are things that have to be sacrificed don’t obsess too much about what you have to leave behind. And whatever you do, don’t talk yourself into the idea that it’s a mistake to move out of fear into a more trusting, childlike relationship with life.

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CAPRICORN: When it comes to people, your sixth sense will tell you more about what’s going on with them than their credentials. The invitation to team up could do more for them than it will for you. If this doesn’t feel right, avoid it. Aside from that, you’ve got other issues. The health of someone close has you wondering how to help. How that goes is ultimately up to them. At this point, the fact that you care is doing more for them than anything else. Thoughts have wings, so spend less time worrying and be more conscious about how your fears impact 
the situation.

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AQUARIUS: You can do anything. Part of you knows this, but emotionally you seem to be bound by feelings and patterns that make it seem as if you don’t have a choice. Most of your trouble comes from allowing others too much space, and from the fear that they will leave you if you don’t. Underneath it all this has more to do with your parents than it does with the person who happens to be standing in for them at the moment. Whatever you didn’t get from Mom and Dad may be what you’re after, but it won’t come to you until you begin to recognize yourself.

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PISCES: You made it this far, but you still have a way to go. Maintaining a sense of clarity and purpose in the midst of change and turmoil is the key to everything right now. It’s hard to say where you stand with yourself because you’re recovering from too much to be able to tell where your true strength lies. Instead of paying too much attention to the dynamics of your situation, keep your heart and your mind focused on the idea that nothing is what it appears to be. Whether you succeed or you don’t depends on your ability to stay tuned to your inner core.  

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