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Horoscopes (July 21, 2010) 

ARIES: It's not like you to be vague about too much of anything, but you're totally fogged up about your current situation. The gap between what you want and what you have is bigger than China; so much for seeing only what you want to see. Everyone else is more than clear that you've got to face reality before your illusion either gets the best of you or winds up demolishing whoever's on the other end of the stick. Smartening up will require you to backtrack through a lie or two. You may even find out that staying here will make it difficult to live with and/or be yourself.

TAURUS: Biting off more than you can chew is usually a sign of optimism and faith. You've taken on something so totally new and different it'll be interesting to see how it goes. For many of you, what comes together from here on out will form the foundation for the rest of your life. If you're as diligent about it as you are about everything else there will be no problem. If you happen to be stepping into something that's too big, too far out of the box, or too far beyond the scope of your understanding, you will find it next to impossible to put your money where your mouth is.

GEMINI: You have this weird sense of objectivity that allows you to see things from both points of view; thank God! Others are so totally one-way about it, you'd go nuts if you went along with them. The bigger issue has to do with mommy and daddy. Your continuous need to have someone "out there" to discipline, control and/or restrict you, is as old as the hills. If those close to you keep acting as a stand-in for your parents, how will you ever get to find out who they are? At which point the bigger question becomes: when will you ever get to find out who you are?

CANCER: There's a difference between being nice and being weak. Over-kindness can get you into all kinds of trouble. It looks to me like you're in one of those situations where someone got the wrong impression. In their mind you are now the nicest person in the world. If you thought you had to play that role to get them to leave you alone, it had the opposite effect. Now you're at the mercy of needing to show them your true and total self. All you have to do is let them know that you're going through an identity crisis; and the real you isn't half as nice as the one they've met.

LEO: Don't assume that more is better. If you're suffering from lack of stuff, work, love, time or attention, how can you make the most of what you've got? The truth is we always have everything we need. If you look around you will see that it's all here in front of you and the fruits of your labors are what you have to work with. If it's time to change, don't hesitate to shift your direction and don't be afraid to leave everything behind. Too much is about to re-route you to a totally different course and you can't get too stuck on anything that keeps you away from it.

VIRGO: What other people do is their business. Don't get too wrapped up in trying to figure out why they don't know how to behave. Within your own frame of experience the only power you can call on is the example you set for yourself. In the end, it is never our job to mess with people and their lessons. If it's getting harder for you to have faith in the idea that they're ever going to get it, you'll be happy to know that they're about to get whacked with the truth. Do yourself a favor and don't get too involved rattling their cage; this is one time when you need to stay out of it.

LIBRA: You aren't totally sure that you're up for this. The scent of your previous mistakes is wafting out of what you thought might be too good to be true. I'm not so sure it's as bad as it looks. You know you don't want to keep repeating the same old story; as long as you're clear about that, you can do anything you want here. Don't expect others to tell you when you're not being yourself and don't expect them to know exactly what to do. It's you who has to set the standard for what you want out of this arrangement, and now is the time to start making it real for yourself.

SCORPIO: You can't believe how easy it's been to get this going. If you're pinching yourself to see if it's real, I can see why. Sometimes things work out just the way we want them to — and when we get over the shock, we usually discover that we have a whole new set of problems to deal with. That being the case, your situation is ripe for creating anything you want, and now is the time to think about where you want it to go. Don't use any of the prescriptions that you've used in the past. Your current state of affairs is totally different and won't respond well to the old set of rules.

SAGITTARIUS: You haven't decided whether this is working for you or not. Part of you feels like you've been thrust into something that belongs to someone else and you're not sure why it's you that got to play this role. Another part of you sees this as an opportunity to branch out into uncharted waters and it excites you to think of the possibilities. The only thing you're completely clear on is that this is where you happen to be at the moment. It's a well-known fact that we are all exactly where we need to be, so stop wondering what you're doing here and make the most of it!

CAPRICORN: The part of you that emerges when the rest of your chores and responsibilities are done for the day is totally at peace with things. You are beginning to see that this aspect of your nature is where all your power comes from. At the moment, there is nothing to interfere with your experience of yourself and this has opened you up to the idea that you can do absolutely anything. With a list of obligations, and the expectations of others about to keep you busy for at least six months, the need to center yourself in this place of power can't be overemphasized.

AQUARIUS: More isn't always better. Don't take on anything extra or you'll wind up regretting it. If you think that this recent rash of opportunities is a good thing, you're probably of the mind that you need to follow up on them as a way to insure your further progress or success. What you may be less aware of is the law that governs random forms of interference. If your motives have even a whiff of over-ambition, fear or greed, biting off more than you can chew will land you in a maelstrom of complications that will totally undermine your ability to put out your best effort.

PISCES: You're ready to pull out of a situation that isn't ready to be left. The sense of frustration is mounting and you're wondering if it would be OK to just say goodbye to this. For many of you it's totally fine to split, but for others, the emotional component has to be weighed before you make your decision. What you may not be aware of is that the universe is on your side and whatever you're waiting for will happen soon. At that point you will not only be free to fly away, but you will understand firsthand that everything in life is divinely ordered. | RDW

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