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Horoscopes (December 30, 2009) 

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ARIES: You’d be happier about this if it was your idea. You either want more or less than the one who’s calling the shots, but unfortunately you don’t have the power here. Sometimes it’s best to recognize that it serves us to acquiesce. In the end, you’ll get what you want or you’ll get more of what you already have. The need to be strategic can’t be overemphasized. For someone who has a hard time focusing on anything but them self, at times it’s wise to be more aware of other people’s issues than you are of your own, especially when so much depends on them.

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TAURUS: You’re looking around at what you’ve created and it feels good to be the one who did it. The satisfaction that comes from never stepping out of integrity is virtue’s reward. For some, reaping what you’ve sown isn’t feeling that good. Hopefully this will open your eyes to what happens when you approach your life with only yourself in mind. If you’re honest you’ll know what I mean. All of you need to chill out and reconnect with what feels real to you at this moment. The past is gone, and as far as the future goes, that all depends on where you’re at now.

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GEMINI: You’d just as soon skip out on this next affair; you’ve been there and done that so many times you really don’t need to stick around. Find someone to take care of your duties and disappear, because you’ll wind up handling the whole thing if you’re not careful. Your personal life has taken an interesting turn and that’s part of the reason you need a break. After doing a 180 in the love department, the whiplash of reality is making you wonder what you did. The one who looked like they could walk on water has turned into a human being; can you handle it?

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CANCER: The person who’s driving you crazy needs to be crazy right now — as much as you want them to shape up, it is their turn to come unglued. Instead of seeing this as problematic, try to look at it as part of the cure. And if they don’t want you to hold their hand through this, it’s because it’s something they know only they can figure out. When and if they pull themselves together, they may be ready to deserve you — but you can’t bank on that. Uncertainty is tough. Learning how to live with it is part of life.

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LEO: You aren’t obligated to anyone. Don’t be stupid. You’ve got security mixed up with the idea that having any means you have to become an indentured servant. And if this is one of those subconscious things where you’re trying to work out your parental trips — get over it, please. Turning yourself into a martyr doesn’t become you. And sooner or later the pressure of everyone else’s needs will squeeze you right out of the picture. Drop some of the "have to’s" in your life; it won’t be worth anything if you lose yourself to things that have nothing to do with you.

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VIRGO: The willingness to hang in there is good for some things and bad for others. Don’t assume that standing by is always the answer, because everything is relative and persistence doesn’t always pay off. At this point you need to keep your foot in the door where you are as you venture out far enough to explore new territory. This is a transitional phase for you. On the threshold between the past and the future, the impulse to stay where we are is as strong as the desire to break through to the other side. Your heart knows what you’re ready for. Trust it.

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LIBRA: With so much making you wish that something would come along to handle it for you, you’re in no mood to deal with pressure or change. That’s OK, but the longer you subject yourself to the demands of others the more you will see that you can’t keep doing it. If relationships are meant to be 50-50, how come your partner gets whatever they want and you get to go along with it? You can’t make this decision now. Too many variables are impacting this situation for you to even dream of knowing what to do.

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SCORPIO: The best thing that ever happened doesn’t always come with a fairy tale. The wise men tell us that all passion breeds suffering and you’re getting a little taste of how that feels. If you could have said "no" to this would you be any happier right now? When life starts teaching us the meaning of bittersweet, the bitterness overrides everything until we realize that it’s all the same. Taking the good with the bad is what it’s all about. You may not like the fact that beauty and the beast live side-by-side, but the sooner you learn to live with it the sweeter life will be.

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SAGITTARIUS: It looks like you’re getting a breather and this is giving you time to organize your life. It’s also setting you free to see what’s important. You’ve always been one to follow your bliss and right now doing that will bring what’s really meaningful to you straight to your door. Any whim that you have, no matter how ridiculous it seems, holds the key to something much greater. When your intuition tells you that you need to go bowling, don’t second guess it. You just might meet up with the love of your life!

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CAPRICORN: The role you’ve cast yourself in isn’t an easy one. Being the Rock of Gibraltar takes a lot out of you. At this stage in your life you need to look around and figure out what it will take to be there for yourself. That others expect so much from you has gotten to be a habitual thing, and it isn’t working anymore. Things will not fall apart if you start saying "no" once in a while. Your lessons involve learning how to enjoy things. This could be harder for you than being “the rock,” but it’ll be a lot more fun.

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AQUARIUS: Going off the deep end isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a person. There’s nothing wrong with losing it — but then you’re left with the business of finding yourself again. You can’t stay where you are. And as far as going forward goes, you haven’t got a clue about what to do now. There is so much about yourself that you don’t understand — but you can begin by trying to unearth older skeletons that have haunted all of your behavior and most of your choices. Underneath it all you will find the real you.

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PISCES: You are in a whirlwind of people who all seem to want something from you. At this point you can't tell who's for real and who isn't — and since you're such an openhearted person your tendency is to believe them all. Don't be too naïve. Some of these jokers aren't here for the right reasons. Anyone who's in too much of a rush to pin you down should be considered suspect. It may help you to remember that what you have to give is priceless. Giving it away will cost you dearly. Don't let anyone sell you short.  | RDW

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