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Horoscopes (August 29, 2007) 

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ARIES: You’re still wondering what the deal is. If you want to get to the bottom of this, you’re going to have to dip into your past for answers. The situation you’re in is based on patterns that were there before you were born. You’ve been repeating them all of your life. Finding out what’s true about ourselves is scary until we remember that's what it will take to set us free. The belief that the devil we know is better than the devil we don’t know keeps everyone stuck. If you can get over thinking that way, this will be easy.

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TAURUS: You have learned how to insulate yourself against other people’s attempts to control you. What others think or say has no bearing on your life and you are realizing that all you have to do is mind your own business and do your homework. There is a lot to reflect upon and there are things you need to pull away from. If you can zero in on what’s important, you will find that there is only one reason to remain in this particular situation. Once that’s handled, move on — because the rest of it ain’t gonna change!

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GEMINI: You have so many things going on in your life that it’s like a three ring circus! It’s pretty amazing that you’re able to juggle all of this so well. For the time being you’ve got it all handled, but in a month or so the balance will shift and you’ll be dealing with new influences. They will most likely open up another can of worms and force you to reevaluate some of your choices as well as your priorities. It’s inevitable that you’ll have to go a little deeper into your own self-analysis too. Get ready for more insights and revelations.

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CANCER: Someone you trusted has turned out to be a very dark influence and you’re not quite sure how their energy has really affected you. Look back as far as you can to see how much you have revealed about yourself and how much they know about you. Once that’s squared away it might be good to extricate yourself from this situation as soon as possible. This whole experience has served as a good lesson in how gullible you are at times. Just because people have all the right moves doesn’t mean they’re honest.

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LEO: You have to examine your tendency to set everyone straight and ask yourself if it’s worth wasting time playing therapist. In so many situations it’s best to just love people and let them find out for themselves what they need to do. You’ve got too much of your own stuff to take care of and 100 percent of your energy needs to go there. Big changes are afoot — and when one thing changes, everything changes. Now that the monkey is off your back it’s all going to shift. Don’t allow anyone’s issues to stand in your way.

VIRGO: This feels like a whole new ball game. Where did all the energy go? How does it feel to hang out with people that are on the same page? Whether you know it or not, you’ve earned the right to be here. As far as other things go, you don’t need to bow down to anyone and you definitely don’t need to be understanding toward those who disrespect you. When you reach the point where you know what you’re worth, not catering to others is a sign that you have boundaries and love yourself enough to protect them.

LIBRA: I don’t know what happened but something in you must have shifted enough to get over yourself and get real. It’s almost as if you took your mask off. Now that people can see you, you will find that they respond to you differently. Anyone who doesn’t like what they see or who gives you a hard time for stepping out is deeply afraid that they might have to grow a little, too. Don’t let their stuff hold you back. You’ve already wasted too much time in the realms of the living dead. Get out before you get sucked back in.

SCORPIO: It’s hard to say what’s going on or how you’re being affected by all the changes coming at you. On the one hand, you seem quite comfortable — on the other, you’re using old approaches to a new set of conditions and this could get you into some trouble. I am not so sure about all this new stuff. What appears to be the real thing may not be. You are naive sometimes, so your instincts about people and situations could be off. Ask someone you trust to give you their take on what’s up with you right now.

SAGITTARIUS: No one will fault you for telling the truth — even if it hurts, they need to hear it. The right timing and tact to speak with love instead of anger could turn this confrontation into something deep and meaningful. Finally getting everything off your chest will open the space for new thoughts and feelings to replace all the shit you’ve been carrying around in your heart for so long. In so many ways you’re finally coming to terms with things. If you stay honest, it will definitely get better from here on out.

CAPRICORN: It might help you to tune in to the way other people are seeing things. This will make it easier for you to process some of the confusion you have about what their actions have done to you recently. So much rides on your ability to just forgive someone for not knowing enough to be straight with you. The sooner you get the past dealt with, the sooner you’ll see how lucky you are to be done with it. You’re already seeing how pleasant it is to be free of others and all their hang-ups and expectations.

AQUARIUS: Work is an issue. What’s going on there is bringing up the same old question. You need more freedom and independence than ever and can trust your intuition about what to do. If you play it safe ... you’ll be miserable. Kids are also requiring more attention on some level. You could be thinking of parenthood or you just need to lighten up and be a child yourself. As far as your love life goes, my sense is you’re a little bored. Don’t try to place all the blame on your partner. It’s as much about you as it is about them.

PISCES: You want to get moving. This applies to your relationships more than anything. Things have gotten pretty stale. You are so over this, but part of you is afraid enough to hang on to it. You will find out soon enough that it will cost you too much to try to fit into anyone else’s pictures of a perfect life. If you can rearrange things in a way that allows you to be yourself in this situation, that would be good. This may be difficult to do, given the fact that someone has their own ideas about who they want you to be.  | RDW

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