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Finding Nemo 3D 


Starring Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres and Alexander Gould. Written by Andrew Stanton. Directed by Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich. Produced by Jinko Gotoh, John Lasseter and Graham Walters.

No movie made us appreciate the deepest wonders of the ocean (or Pixar movies, for that matter) as much as Finding Nemo did, and now that it's been remastered in stunning 3-D, be prepared to fall in love with these loveable sea creatures all over again. The ocean is bluer, the sharks are scarier, the coral is more vibrant, all making an already captivating adventure tale that much more gripping. And with better attention paid to small details like the wreckage on the abandoned ship and the glimmering surface of the sea, you'll never find yourself questioning why this movie was remastered.

The story remains untouched. The neurotic clownfish, Marlin (Brooks) has his reasons for being overprotective after losing his wife and all of his other children to a predator years ago. But this time he's gone too far with his controlling ways which results in his rambunctous son, Nemo (Gould) wandering off and being captured by humans from Sydney, Australia. Now, he has no choice but to face his fears and journey across the ocean. Along the way, he makes friends with the endearingly flaky Dory (DeGeneres) and comes across all sorts of new creatures (like non fish-eating sharks and surfer dude turtles) and life-threatening experiences. And each character grows, Nemo becoming more independent, Marling learning to let go and Dory improving her memory. Some of the most memorable scenes include swimming through a swarm of glowing jellyfish without being stung and getting swallowed by a friendly whale only to be shortly spit back out.

Finding Nemo remains a standard for animated movies to meet in regards to both story and CGI quality, bringing back a lot of the themes and positive qualities we saw in older Disney movies. So, seeing it portrayed with such grandioseness and eye-popping 3-D precision is well worth the trip to the theatre because regardless of how many times you've watched it, you've definitely never seen such a colorful and fun rendition. —Rebecca Hillary



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