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Fifth Avenue 


Fifth Avenue is one of the hottest spots to party in Royal Oak. Whether you're coming to check out the live bands upstairs, shoot some pool, take advantage of their great beer selection and killer happy hour deals, watch the game(s), or just chill with a group of friends, Fifth Avenue has you covered from every angle.

What sets Fifth Avenue apart from other bars that try to be all things for all people is that it actually succeeds at doing so. In the front corner you'll find a Vegas-style (albeit scaled down) sport book setup with leather lounge chairs and multiple big screen TVs. Grab your buddies and hole up for the night in this stylish and comfortable setting without missing a minute of the game.

Over in the far corner are several pool tables set up like a bonafide pool hall. Whether you're an amateur, enthusiast or APA professional, you'll have fun chasing balls around.

Which brings us to the singles scene. Most of the crowd is in their 20s and while this is by no means a seedy pick-up bar, pick-ups have been known to happen here. The vibe is great for it: whether you're downstairs at the bar watching the game or upstairs grooving to some tunes, the crowd here is a very social one and you'll inevitably make some new friends.

Ah yes, the upstairs: on weekends this place gets packed with people on the dance floor enjoying groove-worthy tunes. Hosting the occasional DJ, plenty of folks break it down on the second level of Fifth Avenue. Want to catch the music but don't like dancing? There are also pool tables upstairs. Plus every Thursday night is Ladies' Night with $1 drinks from 9 to 11 a.m. and the Killer Flamingos playing upstairs.

Fifth Avenue has an excellent beer selection featuring dozens of macros and micros on tap and a large selection of imported and local craft beers by the bottle. Fancy drinkers will be happy to see Chimay by the bottle, and for those who like to think and drink local they have over a dozen different Michigan craft beers on tap from popular breweries like MillKing It, Dark Horse, Dragonmead, Kuhnhenn, Founders and Short's.

They've got plenty of liquors to make a mean mixed drink, but some of their most popular are the Tootsie Pop Shot made with Bacardi Oakheart, Razz and cranberry, and the Go Green – Go White (for you MSU fans), a tart and fruit concoction made with Midori liqueur, sour mix and Sprite.

And if you're going to do tequila shots (and let's face it, everyone who has ever partied at Fifth Ave at any point in their lives has done tequila shots here), opt for the classier (and waaaaaay smoother) Herradura than the usual el cheapo well. Way worth it. Trust us. This is many years of drinking experience talking.

Soak all that alcohol up with some of their surprisingly good bar food – burgers, pizza, nachos (all the essentials).

There's a lot of places to drink in Royal Oak and they can cater to some pretty wildly different demographics. Fifth Avenue is the ideal middle ground for everyone, no matter what kind of scene you're looking for. | RDW



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