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Falling Down Brewery 

Warren's Newest Brewery


Let's just get this out of the way: yes, there is a brewery opening in Warren that is called Falling Down Beer Company. Yes, this is actually its name. Yes, it is meant as a joke – an inside joke, in fact, referring to a time co-owner Mark Larson tripped after having a beer and his friends from that point forward forevermore would jokingly ask if he was "falling down drunk yet" after one beer.

So how's that for an origins story? Not quite X-Men: First Class, but as far as anecdotes go this will definitely be a good one to share with all of the new friends you will surely make once Falling Down Beer Company opens to the public on 3/29.

Larson, along with co-owner George Lang, has been working on the concept for Falling Down since the spring of 2011. Both started out as home brewers. They would brew together and make beer for their friends and family. They started kegging it to take to parties, and before long people started putting in orders. They realized there might actually be something to this whole brewing business.

Like an actual brewing business.

They formed Falling Down Beer Company in April of 2011. In October 2011 they met the owner of the building they now call home and began negotiations with him, and so began the process of building a brewery.

The building was previously an ice cream shop and diner (and looks very much like it might have even been a Big Boy's in a previous life), and it still retains that diner feel – big comfy booths, simple neutral décor. They built a bar, installed a TV and started hauling all the brewing equipment into the back.

Falling Down Beer Company surely isn't anything fancy, and with all due respect to the Warren community, "fancy" isn't really the right fit for this town. But there's one thing that certainly does seem to fit Warren well, and that is a shared appreciation for good beer. There are two other microbreweries located in Warren (which, considering there are only five breweries in all of Macomb County, makes Warren the beer capital of the east), and both are packed pretty much all of the time. Judging from the strong following they've already built months before even opening their doors (over 3,500 fans on Facebook before the first beer has been poured), this place isn't going to be any different.

They'll eventually have 24 beers on tap, but for opening they're starting out just a bit smaller. They're opening with Muscovado Stout, Green Tea IPA, a regular IPA, their sure-to-be signature Ninja Chicken Pale Ale, a cherry blonde ale, and Nice Beaver brown ale – a 4% ABV session ale whose name pays homage to Naked Gun (Larson is a big movie buff). They plan on doing a whole "Beaver" series, which will include the Angry Beaver Double Brown, also available on opening day.

Falling Down is a full brewpub and will serve a large selection of burgers and sandwiches with as much sourced from Michigan as they can get – corned beef from Wigley's Meat Market in Eastern Market, a custom burger blend from Fairway Packing Co. in Eastern Market, buns from Mexicantown Bakery, Better Made chips, Faygo pop.

They do plan to start distributing kegs this year and hope to either expand or acquire another building for bottling in 2014, but for now they just need to open. Which they will on 3/29. Summer hours will be Tuesday through Thursday, 3 to 11 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 3 p.m. to 1 a.m.; closed Sunday and Monday for brewing. | RDW

For more info, check fallingdownbeer.com


Let's just get this out of the way: yes, there is a brewery opening in Warren that is called Falling Down Beer Company.


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