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Fall Concerts 

Sweet, fleeting summertime, it's once again time to say farewell. It's been a good one. And it's sure held out nicely, hasn't it? Even as we type this, it's nearing the 90-degree mark. Sadly the life-giving warmth of the sun will soon fade away into gloomy, chilly days that eventually descend into winter. Thankfully, we've got a few months before we're huddled as close to the office space heater as we can without catching fire. We've still got some time to enjoy sweater weather and not sweat to death whilst waiting in line to enter our favorite venue. Also thankfully, there are A LOT of awesome tours rolling through town this fall. Here's a few we're looking forward to.

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Kanye West

Palace • 11/10

Remember when Kanye West performed during the 2013 VMAs? He basically proved he has as much rhythm as a white guy from Kentucky. Although we have to hand it to him, his 2013 record, Yeezus is pretty awesome. You could even say it's been ordained by God. The Holy Spirit even has a writing credit on "I Am A God." That's a pretty big deal. His first solo tour in five years, Kendrick Lamar will be supporting West's show.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Masonic Theatre • 11/23

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The last time we caught Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. perform, it was with Tunde Olaniran and Stepdad at the Majestic Theatre and it was one of the best concerts of the year. Filled with confetti, happiness and joy, it was a celebration, a fete of the wonderment of Detroit-made music. Currently working on a new album, The Speed of Things, there's a good chance that this duo will have some unheard tunes for us to enjoy as well their new single "War Zone".

The Weeknd

Fox • 10/15

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At just 23 years old, Abel Tesfaye has been called "the songbird of his generation" and "the best musical talent since Michael Jackson." Seriously, he's that good. He grabbed attentions when he uploaded a few of his songs on YouTube and subsequently released House of Balloons, an EP that included ubiquitous favorites like "Wicked Games" and "High For This." His first full-length, Kiss Land just dropped on 9/10, features former collaborator Drake and a tone similar to his three previous mixtapes.

Duck Dynasty

Sound Board @ Motor City Casino • 9/22

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These dudes are pretty much inescapable lately. They're on the television, they're on every t-shirt in Walmart and they've been making appearances on talk shows on just about every network ever. And the super old one just wrote a book, right? Anyway, if you're willing to admit there's a little hillbilly in all of us, there's a good chance you're already a fan of these guys. And let's be honest, they're pretty funny. Especially Miss Kay.

Andrew W.K.

Shelter • 9/27

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The weird thing is, Andrew W.K. is actually pretty attractive and despite his prescient to "Party Hard," he's managed to retain his good looks since coming out with his first album over a decade ago, even though he won't cut that long dirty hair off. Since we in metro Detroit also enjoy partying hard, Mr. W.K. fits right in here. And since he fits right in here, his shows are always balls-out, extremely raucous affairs. Word on the street is he's got a new full-length album due out this year, so we're hoping we'll be hearing a new soundtrack to our three-day benders.

Cold War Kids

St. Andrew's Hall • 9/28

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Has anyone succeeded in getting "Miracle Mile" out of their head since Cold War Kids dropped Dear Miss Lonelyhearts? I'm still trying to manage. It hasn't work yet, but at least I'll know all the lyrics when they get here. It hasn't been too long since their last appearance in Detroit, either. In fact, they were just the opening act for The Lumineers when they played at DTE in June. The four piece demonstrates some stunning '90s-inspired indie rock that might be even better than anything Modest Mouse has ever released.

Gold Fields

Hard Rock Café • 9/28

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A tender young Australian quintet with a single full-length record on their belt, Gold Fields have been heralded by critics from The New York Times, New York Magazine and Entertainment Weekly. Makers of indie electro pop that fans of Passion Pit and Chvrches will enjoy, their live shows are said to have an explosive nature that does not involve the use of chemical weapons. The young group has already appeared on the same stage at Crystal Castles, Metric and SBTRKT, adding an auspicious sense to their burgeoning careers.


Shelter • 9/29

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Michigan born and bred, Stepdad are the creators of some serious electro pop jams. Try to get "My Leather, My Fur, My Nails" out of your head. JUST TRY. Front man ultramark, is known for wearing capes, wrestling boots and dancing like a lunatic on stage, all the to delight and satisfaction of the band's adoring fans. If you haven't yet downloaded their debut album, Wildlife Pop, we suggest you run to your computer and add this record to your iTunes, stat. The group opened for Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. when they last appeared at the Majestic Theatre and suffice it to say, no one was disappointed.


EMU • 9/29

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These young men from Paris have been releasing tunes that make Chromeo jealous since 2000. Electro funk, if that's what you want to call it, is their forte and their latest album, Bankrupt! debuted at the number 4 spot on the American Billboard 200 chart just this year. Basically, they're kind of a big dill.

Tom Green

Magic Bag • 9/29

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Tom Green was really popular in the '90s. He actually won a Juno award for a single by his former rap group. Who knew, right? Then he married Drew Barrymore and everyone was like "Whaaaa? Drew, you can do WAY better, even if you were a child drug addict. Have some self respect." Green's done plenty of other reputable things in the entertainment industry than just marrying a Barrymore, though. He also has his own show on MTV and hosted some The Late Show with David Letterman. Lately Green is a full-time stand-up comic, hitting The Bag with his brand of schtick and shock comedy.


Magic Stick • 9/29

With performances by The Growlers, Cosmonauts, Gap Dream, Pangea, Terrible Twos and plenty more, this festival of sound is sure to be enjoyed by anyone who loves music not played on the radio. Though The Growlers are a California-based band, they perform in our great state quite a bit, meaning there's a good chance you've heard them while happening upon the Majestic complex during a weekend evening.


The Fillmore • 10/1

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Sadly there is a whole new generation of young whippersnappers and "music fans" that did not grow up with Korn. They've never seen the "Freak on a Leash" video and they have no idea who Jonathon Davis is. This is upsetting. In case you missed it though, Korn are still making records and their last album featured a number of tracks with Skrillex, which is fitting since nowadays Davis is also a dubstep DJ. The band is due to release a brand new LP, The Paradigm Shift, which will be released shortly after their appearance in Detroit. Hope for lots of old favorites and new tunes.

Chill on the Hill

Freedom Hill • 10/4-10/5

A two day event to celebrate all the music you spent four years crying to in your bedroom during that awful time known collectively by Americans as "high school," Chill in the Hill will feature on Friday A Day to Remember, All Time Low, Peirce the Veil and The Wonder Years and on Saturday Thirty Seconds to Mars, Billy Talent, Biffy Clyro and New Politics. So gather up your friends and cheers to those six months you spent being straight-edge, you knew you were saving all those band t-shirts for a reason.

Whitney Cummings

Royal Oak Music Theatre • 10/5

Whitney is cute, isn't she? And she's funny. She's so funny she's been involved with a few of the funniest shows on TV today. For example, Punk'd, Chelsea Lately, 2 Broke Girls and Love You, Mean It with Whitney Cummings. She's also a co-creator of 2 Broke Girls. Don't forget that she was also in Made of Honor and that she's really cute and really funny. A stand-up comic at heart, she's been performing since 2004, Cummings will return to her roots when she appears at Royal Oak Music Theatre.

Robbie Rivera

Bleu • 10/5

Born in the American territory of Puerto Rico, Robbie Rivera was heavily influenced early on by all the Sharks' songs in West Side Story. I totally just made that up. But you knew that, I can't get anything past you. You knew the infamous house DJ was a fan of freestyle and eurobeat as a youngster and began his rise to fame in 2000, becoming famous in the UK before the states. Despite the fact that Americans were collectively late to that game, we still love Rivera and his stop in Detroit is a can't-miss.

Nine Inch Nails

Palace • 10/7

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Angsty children of the '90s rejoice! Nine Inch Nails are coming to town with notorious front man Trent Reznor (who's an Oscar winner, might we add. Remember he scored Inception?) This band might possibly be responsible for bringing melancholy industrial rock to the masses for the first time when they released their debut album in '89. Twenty-four years later they've just released their ninth (if you include their '92 Broken EP studio album), Hesitation Marks, this year. Prepare for a night of nostalgic rock revelry.

Deer Tick

Magic Stick • 10/11

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Alt-country with a touch of sass, Deer Tick have been bringing to light a genre that's often overshadowed by indie and electro pop, but just as worthy of being adored. Their first album, War Elephant, featured perennial favorites like "Ashamed" and "City of Sin" and the band has gone on to release four subsequent records, some louder and darker and some more true to the band's original sound.


The Loving Touch • 10/11

Lead singer Nicholas Thorburn's voice is pretty unmistakable. It's easily recognizable nature may also be in part due to the fact that he's also lent his vocals to groups like Mister Heavenly, Th'Corn Gangg, Reefer, The Unicorns and Human Highway. Of course, all incarnations are pretty magical, but Islands might be the best band he's fronted thus far. Feel-good and super poppy, Island's are supremely listenable, which will hopefully translate into a phenomenal live show.

Lewis Black

Michigan Theater • 10/12

Lewis Black rolls throw town every few months, spewing and spitting about current political on-goings and events. He points fingers and swears and has some stuff to say also about being Jewish and how we drink too much water as Americans. He's pretty well-known, so that's probably enough of an introduction, but it's also worth it to note that he filmed two specials at The Fillmore right here in Detroit back in 2009, meaning he either really likes us or he's just using us for our historical venues.

Black Milk

St. Andrew's Hall • 10/16

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Born and raised in Detroit proper, Black Milk was heavily influenced by the late great J Dilla as well as Questlove, A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul. His last album dropped in 2010, but the rapper is scheduled to release No Poison No Paradise this October, one day before this show, actually. He produced it almost entirely himself, with some help from friends like Dwele, Mel and Ab.


The Crofoot Ballroom • 10/16

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Comprised of two sisters, Bianca "Coco" and Sierra "Rosie" Cassidy, CocoRosie are a freak folk duo based in Paris. The two employ Sierra's vocals coupled with manipulated noises made by children's toys as well as other noisemakers. Though they started making music in the bathroom of Bianca's Parisian apartment, the two have now released five studio albums including this year's Tales of a Grass Widow. Eclectic, strange and even a bit dark, their music is unlike any other, so their live show is sure to be nothing less.


Mortal Orchestra Magic Stick Lounge • 10/17

Unknown Mortal Orchestra auspiciously began when singer and guitarist Ruban Neilson posted "Ffunny Ffrends" on his bandcamp anonymously. Once music lovers got their grubby little paws on it, they just wouldn't let go. Now the half American, half New Zealander, a mere three year old band, has already released two critically acclaimed albums, including this year's //, toured with indie darlings Grizzly Bear and appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Terrence Parker

Necto • 11/19

We love Terrence Parker for many reasons, but mostly because he's from Detroit and also because he uses a telephone handset as his headphones during his sets. He's remixed tracks by Kelly Rowland, Lyfe Jennings, Beyonce and many more. His set at Ann Arbor's Necto is sure to excite and amaze.


Elektricity • 10/18

click to enlarge rjd2.jpg

Born Ramble John, the DJ known as RJD2 is known for jazz-infused tracks that include hip hop and rock influences alike. His tracks are largely instrumental, but that doesn't mean they aren't entertaining. "Ghostwriting" for instance is dynamic, engaging, entertaining and, dare we say, jazzy? Mr. D2 hits up the metro Detroit area a few times a year, in fact, he just appeared at the Majestic complex this spring, and his shows are a staple of every season.


The Crofoot Ballroom • 10/20

Yes. You read that read. Hanson. The grown men of Hanson. The three, once with flowing locks, brothers known for the inescapable hit of the summer of 1997. Though they haven't got much radio play for the past 15 years, the groups still has a cult following. We're not even kidding. Why would we even joke about this? The group just released their 11th studio album this June and their lead single "Get the Girl Back" was their first single in nine years to chart on the US Billboard Adult Pop Song chart.

Bret Michaels

The Machine Shop • 10/20

Ah, Bret Michaels, the way you've held on to stardom is truly amazing. From all your amazing reality shows on VH1 to your appearance on NBC's Celebrity Apprentice 3, it's astounding you've still found time to devote to music. And how we deeply appreciate your contributions to rock music. With a current album that made it all the way to the number 80 spot on the Billboard 200 chart, you're still looking good and still rocking the cut-off t-shirt with that beautiful long blonde hair.

Howie Mandel

Macomb Music Theatre • 10/26

If Bobby's World wasn't your favorite TV show growing up, you're probably soulless. Howie Mandel was the creator and star of that show and that's important because it was arguably the launching point for his seriously long career. Though he's appeared on shows like Deal or No Deal, St. Elsewhere, Muppet Babies (!) and voiced Gizmo in Gremlins, his first love is stand-up. And that's what he'll be doing when he appears at the new Macomb Music Theatre this October.


Majestic Theatre • 10/27

Fronted by Conor Oberst, Desaparecidos is the slightly more hardcore brethren of Bright Eyes. And although the side project didn't last very long, the band managed to make one album that this writer personally new every single word to in high school. Eleven years after Read Music/Speak Spanish dropped (and people probably bought the actual hard copy rather than downloading it on iTunes, or, let's be honest, BitTorrent), the band is back together (also probably because no one cares about Bright Eyes anymore) and heading out on a reunion tour that, thankfully, makes a stop in Detroit.


& Ryan Lewis Palace • 11/2

click to enlarge macklemoreSQ.jpg

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis might be the biggest thing is pop music right now. From music videos with ridiculously good production value to anthems about equal rights, this duo have won the hearts and minds of music fans the world over, garnering them a whole host of awards at this year's VMAs. Did you know they used to perform at Ann Arbor's Blind Pig before they hit it big? They did, that's a fact.


Palace • 11/6

click to enlarge PinkSQ.jpg

Returning for the second time this year on her Truth About Love tour, P!nk sold out her last Palace appearance in February and put on one hell of a show that included descending from the venue's ceiling being held by three very strong and attractive men. One of the best singers in the biz with record after chart-topping record, P!nk is as talented as they come and her stage shows are nothing but a showcase for that.


The Fillmore • 11/16

This year we've already seen Metallica and Megadeth roll through town, with Slayer hitting the Fillmore this Novemeber, we need only Anthrax to make it to Detroit before 12/31 to have every major thrash metal band perform in Michigan in one year. Can we make that happen, guys?


Token Lounge • 11/23

As a folk music lover, there's only so much you can do to contain yourself when you hear about a "folk metal" band. What does folk metal sound like? Well, it sounds a lot like Celtic punk. It's kind of exciting in a weird way. Alestorm will bring their brand of folk metal to the Token all the way from Perth, Scotland. They also dress like pirates. And they also believe they are part of a genre they've coined true Scottish pirate metal. Seriously, we can't make this stuff up...

Dennis Ferrer

Grasshopper Underground • 11/27

Performing on the eve of Thanksgiving, this iconic New York-based record producer and remixer will be bringing the party to The Grasshopper Underground, adding that much more excitement to your pre-Turkey Day shenanigans. The maker of soulful house music, Ferrer will have you grooving the whole night through.



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