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Everything Must Go 


Everything Must Go

Starring Will Ferrell, Rebecca Hall, Laura Dern, Michael Pena and Christopher Jordan Wallace. Written and directed by Dan Rush. Based on a short story by Raymond Carver. Rated R.

Canned from his job for spending too much of his time at the bottom of cans of PBR, Nick (Ferrell) has the incredible misfortune of finding out — on the very same day, mind you — that his wife has left him, disappearing after strewing all of Nick's belongings across their front yard. With the locks on his house now changed and his company car repossessed by his former employer, Nick, with nowhere else to go, decides to hole up in his front yard, an easy chair for his bed and a box of PBR for a nightcap. Eventually, after a couple nights of living like this, he decides on a new course of action: have a yard sale, sell off some of his junk and see if he can't jumpstart a new lease on life.

As a look at anguish and alcoholism, Everything Must Go is about as lighthearted as you can get. The film occasionally dips its toes into the deep end of these emotional abysses, but for the most part remains more interested in presenting sweet characters in the comfortable context of an accessible story. And it is a very likeable film, with Ferrell delivering some very good moments and only sporadically proving to be a bit out of his dramatic depth. The main showstoppers here are the women that make up the supporting cast — Rebecca Hall is charming as always, and Laura Dern absolutely steals the show in a spot-on, grounded cameo. A clearance sale on the screenplay's schmaltzier moments would have done its final draft a world of good, but it's still worth a go.

— Kirk Vanderbeek



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