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Eugene Strobe 

The Music Man

Eugene Strobe
The Music Man

Eugene Strobe has played with, like, every band in Detroit. He also knows how to play every instrument ever invented … including the Theremin. Strobe is a whimsical, musical wizard who resides in the Russell Industrial Center to create his art. He took a few minutes to talk with Real Detroit about being a tenant at the R.I.C. We’re thinking of starting a band.

I know you played in The Witches, but what other bands make the list?
The Sights, The Sirens, The Gore Gore Girls, The Alphabet and, currently, I am doing stuff with the Blades of Grass and Children and the Lion.

So I heard you play every single instrument?
I attempt to play anything in front of me.

But are you good at them?
Heck yes!

If you could make a Detroit super group who would be in it?
That’s a hard question because I don’t want to piss anybody off. Let’s see … Soupy Sales, The Ghoul, the Red Dwarf, Rodriguez and Nicodemus. That would be my super group.

Tell me about the Russell Industrial Center.
I’m renting a space in the Russell. I do music and art from that space. It’s like my home base. I’ve been there for almost a year. I learned about the People’s Arts Fest through word of mouth.

What’s the energy like inside the Russell Industrial Center?
It’s really friendly. As long as someone's studio door is open, you can pop in. If someone wants their privacy or is working on something, they usually keep their door closed. It’s a great way to meet other artists. It’s like dorm room quality. I can just pop my head in anywhere.

So you don’t plan on packing up anytime soon?
Oh no, I plan on being here for awhile. It’s like an all access community with a movie theatre, cafe, open market and tons of other stuff. It’s a city within a city or a culture within a culture. We have welders, photographers, woodcarvers … everything.  | RDW

People’s Arts Fest: Ricdetroit.org

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The Music Man


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