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Bud Light Platinum

Several of you had the temerity to accuse us of irresponsible journalism or (worse!) treason when we wrote last week that a certain Dutch batch of suds was the first light beer to hit American markets thirty years ago. Take it up with Amstel. In the meantime, be as happy as we were to discover that those tireless and tinkering vat-meisters over at Budweiser jazzed up the ante and created Bud Light Platinum. Sweeter tasting than her older sisters, this thirst-quenching wench also has a wee bit more punch with its 6% alcohol content, so modify the intake rate accordingly. And with so many calories discounted, go for the usual football game or tailgate cuisine without fear. We sampled Platinum during the Lions-Saints contest last week. The pain of defeat was lessened and we now look to the future with confidence.



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