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Diana Vreeland 

The Eye Has to Travel

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Before Anna Wintour, there was Diana Vreeland. For five decades, she created creativity, made careers for models and actresses, introduced true fashion to the public and helped build the mythos behind what fashion was to become for the world.
As the Fashion Editor for Harper's Bazaar, Editor-in-Chief for Vogue and pioneering creative force behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, Vreeland had an eye for the whimsical, fantastic and creative. Her concepts, ideology and ahead-of-her-time vision set the tone for where the fashion industry is today. In The Eye Has to Travel, particularly in the utilization of Vreeland herself as the narrator for her life and story, her story comes to life and astounds in ways that many of us had no idea. As a larger-than-life figure in fashion, Vreeland is now – courtesy of this beautifully laid out, entertaining and informative documentary – portrayed as the true legend that she is. The sheer number of designers, models and fashion industry celebrities whose careers were launched – or at the very least helped along – by Vreeland is entirely mind-boggling. Their appearance in this film are a true testament to her legacy, and make for a very entertaining documentary.
The Eye Has to Travel


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