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Love @ First Sight


"Koi No Yokan." If you're a Deftones fan, you've probably heard this phrase already and wondered what it meant. Well, Google doesn't have a direct translation, Real Detroit Weekly isn't quite sure and even lead singer Chino Moreno himself doesn't know exactly what the words mean in Japanese. But here's what we do know after speaking to the lead singer of the multi-platinum band: it's the name of the upcoming album (set for release in the U.S. on November 13, 2012), it roughly translates into "Love at First Sight" and it picks up where Diamond Eyes left off.

"It feels like a very inspired piece of work, very dynamic [as a Deftones record should be] and I think it's one of our greatest records out to date," says Moreno of the highly anticipated album.

When asked what we can expect from the rest of the unreleased tracks, we received a very direct and blatant answer – some good music (followed by a laugh). And we don't doubt him for a second, because all we saw last week throughout various social medias was how fucking incredible everyone thought the newly released single, "Tempest", was. It's clear that Moreno definitely sides with his fans in the fact that Koi No Yokan will end up being completely groundbreaking in the world of heavy metal.

Oh, but don't you worry, Deftones lovers. We weren't left hanging with a three-word description to keep us in suspense until the new album hits the market next month. Mr. Moreno delved much further into the inner mechanisms of Koi No Yokan and turned the awaited material inside out.

The fact that "love at first sight" is only a rough English translation further grasped appeal – and that's because there is no real way to describe that sensation. People can identify with falling in love instantly, but there is no concrete definition as to what it is exactly. Moreno depicts it as a tingly, magical feeling that can be understood by those who have experienced it, and that feeling is sprinkled throughout the record. It doesn't encompass the entire record, but there are plenty of good vibes within the music.

Not to fret, though – Deftones haven't gone totally mushy on us. According to Moreno, it won't be the angriest record they've released, but we can still expect the usual screaming. The heaviest parts will be as heavy as possible and the softest parts will be as soft as possible. With a lot of emotion and passion in the tracks, the feeling of "love at first sight" will be reflected, but it won't be completely descriptive of the new album – just as "Koi No Yokan" can't be completely defined. I believe that's something we call "being a creative genius."

After recently embarking on the current tour to promote the upcoming material, we were thrilled to hear that the guys from Deftones are working hard on keeping each show different from the last. For so many tours, people can easily Google a band's set list and know exactly what songs to expect, in what order and if there will be an encore or two or five. Don't you hate seeing a set list from your favorite band of all time, and your favorite song isn't on there? Yeah, that won't be the case this time. You won't know until your butt is through the venue doors and you hear both the first and last guitar lick.

"We never write one set list and feel like we need to stick to it," says Moreno. "Sometimes, we'll have at least 25 to 30 songs as a master set list, and then we'll switch them all around for each show. I mean, we don't even write the actual set list for a night until about an hour or two before we play. It's really kind of in the moment, and if we feel like opening with this one or not playing that one at all. This keeps it fun and interesting for both the fans and us. Every day we're out here is a different day, so why not treat it like that?"

That's what we like to hear! A little surprise to keep us on our toes and even more excited for the upcoming show at the Royal Oak Music Theatre. And here's a goodie that Moreno shared with RDW – the band is currently filming the music video for "Tempest" in Vancouver, and he's hoping that it will be out at least three weeks to a month from now. If the video will be anything like the audio, then let's just say we're beyond fucking stoked for this release. | RDW

Deftones with Scars on Broadway • 10/24, 7:30 p.m. • Royal Oak Music Theatre • 318 W. Fourth St., Royal Oak • romtlive.com • 248.399.2980 • All Ages • $35 General Admission; $55 Reserved

Love @ First Sight


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