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May the 5th

If you're anything like us, you're probably still in regret and embarrassment mode from the crazy Mexican-flavored tomfoolery that went down this Cinco de Mayo. Don't worry, everyone was too wasted to remember what YOU did, and they're probably still hanging their heads in shame that they're 27 years old and still blacking out like a little girl...okay, so maybe we're channeling ourselves here a little bit, but regardless, the only day of the year that you can tell a girl you like her mustache has come and gone. Thankfully we have a recap for you.

El Dia de la Batalla

D-Days would have been remiss to skip out on Imperial's extra special Cinco de Mayo festivities. As always, partner Jeff King and manager Sagen Isham were on hand for the weekend-long party that boasted nearly 30 skateboard decks decorated by local tattoo artists, pinstripers and graffiti artists that are being auctioned off to benefit charity. The weekend's events culminated in an enormous indoor/outdoor party that included a pig roast, low riders and, of course, tacos and tequila. We spotted local (and soon to be national) rockers Wilson, who were celebrating not just the Mexican holiday, but the announcement of their debut album. After stuffing our faces with a few Sonoran hot dogs and some fantastic guacamole, we headed over to Tequila Blue in Royal Oak where we danced probably a little bit too much to the spinning of DJ Tom Keeling. We'll owe that to the awesome tequila tastings the second story bar offered up. We later managed to stumble downstairs to their sister establishment, 526 Main and caught a live set by The Reefermen. A few blocks away, we found ourselves at Zumba Mexican Grille where we ran into owner Tim Castaneda, who was serving up some delicious pork pibil as well as the restaurant's signature standards. Across town, we stopped into Rojo in Rochester where there was an indoor party as well as a huge outdoor heated tent where we sipped giant margaritas, ate from their delicious taco bar and enjoyed delicious brews from their Mexican Beer Garden. Though it was a bit too far for our little drunk legs to walk, we also heard the party at Armando's in Mexicantown was off the proverbial chain. And that there was a sighting of the very special and dear to our hearts Jessica Hernandez. And, of course, all these parties were predecessed by the four simultaneous celebrations held by the Dooleys establishments. Complete with cheap drinks and themed festivities, Dooelys was pumped up on Saturday evening and we have to admit we took great pleasure in smashing to smithereens several of their prize-stuffed pinatas. We apologize if we were a bit over-zealous, we're going to blame that on the Corona-ritas. They were only $6. We may have had a few.

Rather Odd

The Odditorium bash at District VII that took place Friday and Saturday succeeded in being one visual treat after another. First, Kristine Diven was noticed carrying a lung in her pocket (she will have to supply the details – we're still vague on them) and enough biological and mechanical hardware of various sorts showed up on Wight Street to make even Dr. Pretorius envious. Among those who ambled through operating room after operating room were The Evil Quinn, Brian Lewandowski, Julie Fournier, Steampunk Fabricators (a nice guy), Josue Maldonado, Lindsey Harnish and Adam Owen Layne. Saturday also found RDW investigating the Anti-Blowout offerings in Hamtramck. Best stop of the night turned out to be Lo+Behold, a record and print emporium of lost treasures that offered up its stage for the musical combos Pan, Stellar Clouds and Amateur Anthropologist.

Unwrap the Magic

D-Days also made it a point to stop in MGM Grand Casino Hotel Friday night where V Nightclub was hosting the third annual Lover's Lane Model Search (you think we would've missed THAT?). There were too many beautiful ladies in attendance to count, but rest assured we tried our best to lay our eyes on all of them. It was only the first Friday of the event, and it'll continue until the end of the month when the Grand Prize Finale will go down. With four more rounds to go, we suggest you head in to catch not just the sights, but the sounds inside V every Friday night as well. DJ Whip has a knack for spinning party-starting dance hits and the entire show is broadcast on Channel 955. | RDW




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