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The Circus of P!nk
We kind of anticipated P!nk's show at The Palace to be all sorts of spectacular (considering it's P!nk and it was totally sold-out), but what we saw went above and beyond our expectations. The production circus that this Truth About Love tour encompasses makes us wonder how the hell the stage setup is built and torn down each show day. With four or five different swings/cages, double the amount of ceiling TVs, acrobats, a giant hanging heart the size of a bus and staircases plus an elevator, P!nk literally created an onstage funhouse for her 20-some songs set. She even flew around the entire arena on a rope during her "So What" encore. We were really ecstatic that Swedish rock band The Hives opened the night. Their music just gets us in a good mood and makes us want to shake our hair everywhere.

Two Bands, Two New Singers, One Tour
It was a night of checking out new singers for two bands during this co-headlining tour. Yup, both Drowning Pool AND Flyleaf have different vocalists this time around. Jasen Moreno is on vox for DP, while Kristen May has replaced Lacey Sturm. We absolutely loved Moreno! His style/voice fit the band perfectly and the chemistry between the members was plain to see. The new material that Drowning Pool played rocks, even though it's not quite as heavy as the band's beginning stuff. Our night was made when we heard all of our favorite tracks ("Sinner," "Tearing Away," "37 Stiches," "Feel Like I Do"). And, of course, the set ended with "Bodies"... because choosing any other song to close with would be just wrong.

Citizen Zero is Makin' Moves
We traveled to The Machine Shop yet again this weekend to catch some of our favorite hometown dudes, Citizen Zero. The boys tore up the stage as openers for Frequency Fifty Four. We're convinced that guitarist Sammy Boller is the next Joe Satriani, making sounds on his Les Paul that just don't seem real. Gibson scouts, if you read Real Detroit Weekly, please endorse this young fella. Citizen Zero played all of their signature tracks, including "DOA Sunday" and "Timebomb U.S. Made," along with the band's very rad cover of "Stranglehold" by Ted Nugent. Honestly, it's catchier than the original.

Friday Night Lights
Friday Night was a killer rock show at Woodruffs in Depot Town, Ypsilanti. The booze was flowing and the music was stellar. Nightbeast, Electric Corpse and The Sights performed, along with former Von Bondies singer/guitarist Jason Stollsteimer, and his new band The Hounds Below. The Von Bondies disbanded back in 2011, and Jason's focus is now on a full length album with his new group. They are traveling out to Austin, TX this week for SXSW. We wish them the best of luck in all their musical adventures!

Motor Madness
The coolest custom car show series, Autorama, was at Cobo Hall for a 3-day weekend. The famous bat mobiles were on display, among countless hot rods and classics that made us drool. This is by far the best car show in the Motor City every year! Many of the local car clubs were caught representing this year. We got mad love for the Road Devils, Dead Last and the entire Speedcult crew! We even spotted the fabulous Detroit artist Niagara shopping at the Speedcult Booth. We had a great time and we will see ya'll down there again next year!

Between Two Worlds
The Purgatory Film Exhibition took place at the Tangent Gallery. Thirteen films from around the globe were shown all weekend. Fan favorite The Centrifuge Brain Project by Till Nowak was one of the most talked about films. "An insight on scientific experiments with amusement park rides," the film starred Leslie Barany, who played a "mad" scientist, discussing attempts and failures on extreme roller coaster rides, many gone awry. It was quite amusing, and done like a documentary-style interview.

How Bizarre
The Artist Bazaar had vendors selling fine art, sculpture, photography, jewelry, candles, etc (vendors included A. Owen Layne, Diane Irby, Zachariah Ribera, Sophie Fenby, Dekilah, DVS, Brian 'Weirdartist' Lewandowski, Jose Garcia, Larry 'Sinister' Stephens, and Tirchian Reckinger). Spotted here and there were Adam Owen Layne John & Connie Deradoorian (noteworthy art collectors) Abida Blaze (belly dancer)Lindsay Harnish (who snuck away from her highly successful For the Love of Reading exhibit to watch the films Atelier Gothique and Seraphina Black. Oh and Kristine Diven from District VII showed up with headless ventriloquist dummy torsos.

America's Favorite (Drunken) Parade
RDW loves the odd dichotomy of the city it loves. We showed Sunday up for the 55th annual St. Pat's Parade on Michigan Avenue and paid homage (like so many others) to fallen police officer Patrick O'Rourke. Monday morning found us pondering (like you) over the verdict in the Kwame Kilpatrick case. Sic transit gloria mundi. | RDW



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