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Even Bad Boy Bill Digs the Harlem Shake
RDW loves Detroit techno, but we can't even try to hide the fact that we love our neighboring Chicago house as well. So when Bad Boy Bill visits the D, we gear up our best dancing shoes and prepare for a night of pure house music debauchery. And debauchery it was, as Bad Boy Bill spun a crazy set at The Works that reached into nearly every avenue of electronic music. It flowed so well that our dance moves somehow correlated seamlessly with the ever-changing beats. We'd like to think that we're awesome dancers, but in reality, the music was just THAT good. There was even a snippet of the infamous YouTube sensation "Harlem Shake." We spotted some hilarious, some not-so-pretty and some downright bizarre shakers in the room (search song videos for reference). Aboudi Issa closed the night with a mindboggling remix of "Riders on the Storm" by The Doors.

There's Something About German Techno...
At the last CLR party we went to during Movement, the bass was boomin' so loud that everything placed on top of speakers would fly off (drinks, phones ... you name it). Lo and behold, the same thing happened at The Works this time around. We've ruled out the fact that it was the strength of the speakers - something about that German techno is just a little more intense than everything else. Drumcell dropped one of the best sets we've heard in a long time, leaving us completely speechless. If you missed him Saturday, you better catch him at this year's Movement (that is an order). The man will melt your brain and make insane techno beats pulsate through your body for days following. As if Drumcell wasn't enough, Brian Sanhaji's set made us lose whatever was left of our minds, along with our hearing. Ears... still... ringing!

Bass Superstar
Have you heard about Mark Tremonti? He has a Grammy and was named "Guitarist of the Year" for three consecutive years by Guitar World Magazine. He is the founding member of Creed and Alter Bridge. Just last year he released his debut solo album, All I Was and performed a killer set of his solo songs at the Crofoot on Thursday Night with local boys My Black Heart. Tremonti's music is much heavier than the bands prior, and we just love it! He also has a young bass superstar in his band, Wolfgang Van Halen (Yes, son of the legend Eddie Van Halen). Eddie even pimps out his bass's just like his daddy! With electrical tape and a bunch of guitar picks to throw. These guys even stuck around the venue and signed autographs for every person in the venue that made a merch purchase. A guitar legend and a super rockin' band, we look forward to these guys coming back to Detroit soon.

Thinly Veiled Madness
We went back to The Crofoot on Friday to witness the sold out madness of The Black Veil Brides. This band hails from Hollywood, and just released their third studio album this year entitled Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones. This band is young and their fans are even younger. The venue was probably 90% teenage females and the rest were their parents. The screaming of these kids was deafening! Something compared to The Beatles for sure! The BVB have a style similar to Kiss and Motley Crue and put on a killer high energy performance. The security at this show had their hands full, repeatedly asking the crowd to take a step back, as the kids were constantly pushing forward trying to touch the band members. Opening the show were more hot boys for the girls to scream at, local band boys What Happens In Vegas and the sexy William Control.

We Got Carried Away
Despite the frigid cold and the horrendous parking situation, D-Days managed to find ourselves inside the Compuware Arena this past Thursday night for the doubleheader known as the Matt & Kim and Passion Pit co-headlining tour. Though we weren't privy to passes to the main floor, we danced our asses off from the stairs and seats. Matt & Kim were as energetic as the last time we caught them at the Masonic Temple this past summer and Kim danced on the hands of the crowd as is her requisite practice now. Though they only performed for about a half hour, they covered all our favorite hits including "Let's Go," "Now" and "Daylight." And, of course, they revved up a crowd that couldn't wait for Passion Pit to hit the stage. And the infamous group of indie favorites didn't keep the crowd waiting long after their show-opener's set. Bursting onto the stage, singer Michael Angelakos shouted his appreciation of Detroit to the crowd as fans went berserk. Dancing around in his normal, less-than-rhythmic manner, he and his backing band played for nearly an hour, covering all the hits. It was certainly a night we were glad we didn't miss. | RDW



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