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It's Universal

Huge kudos to our friends at Morada Blue Swimwear (perhaps you remember them from the cover of our Made in Michigan issue) for being featured as the swimsuit chosen by Miss Kosovo for the Miss Universe Pageant last Monday. Congrats!

Dueling Gourmet – On Guard!

526 Main opened its doors last Thursday night in downtown Royal Oak, and the intimate restaurant and bar already has a few things going for it that make it stand out. The restaurant, which describes itself as a "gentleman's grill with a refined, relaxed atmosphere" is just that! The interior boasts gourmet food and drinks and an upscale atmosphere, and if you stay past dinner, you'll discover that the place transforms into a dueling piano bar in the evening. We were lucky enough to run into the man behind the music (entertainment consultant Jason Scarcelli of Dueling Pianos International, the company in charge of booking music for 526 Main) on our way out. He introduced us to several of the musicians he'd flown in from various parts of the country to perform that night, and promised that there would be plenty more national acts coming into town to play at the new venue. And quality music matters – especially in Detroit, where if there's one thing we know, it's good music!

What's a Rathskeller Anyway?!

When D-Days walked through the door of the Dakota Inn on Friday, we weren't sure if we were still in Detroit, or if this was somehow all of a sudden Little Bavaria. The ceremonial keg tapping went off without a hitch, and we gorged ourselves on some pretty traditional German faire. And man, that Warsteiner goes down pretty smoothly! There's six more weekends left of the Inn's Oktoberfest, so it's pretty safe to say we'll be revisiting our favorite German joint again shortly.

Put a Little Birdhouse in Your Soul

Saturday night D-Days went to the Majestic and imbibed on the zany music of They Might Be Giants. Jonathan Coulton opened up the show and played a short set of songs that were a bit on goofy side. Song topics included the wonderful invention of the Shop-Vac, an artificial heart and the life of the common lowlands code monkey. They Might Be Giants came out and started their set with probably their most popular and well-known song "Birdhouse in Your Soul." They played a total of 27 songs and they didn't have just one encore, they had two! We bounced around and danced to the music and had a super fun night.

Patrick Said You Should Check Out The Website

Gusoline Alley has a heart as big (if not bigger) than its fabled jukebox. Proof of this was shown (and heard) on Sunday when our beloved Royal Oak dive hosted a fundraiser for Special Days Camps. Live and lively entertainment was provided by the Barrett-Tones, Holly Bernt, Adriana Nikole, and My Entire World. There was a potluck fiesta ("English Guy Paul" bakes pies???), a raffle, marvelous potables, and more than $700 counted up at closing time. Kudos and kisses to all – especially Shannon Goodwin and Michael Anthony Burkey. And hey, if you missed the party but would still like to help some wonderful kids, go to specialdays.org.

American Envy / Motor City Admiration

Detroit (and this paper in particular) has a new artist on the A-List. British photographer Russell Young was present at the inaugural opening of Long-Sharp/Curis gallery on Saturday (well, it was HIS show after all) and the brilliant man had nothing but good things to say about our town. He even sneaked out for a few minutes to pay his respects at Start Gallery and the Detroit Proper exhibit set up by Marianne Audrey Burrows. Pal, meet us at Gusoline Alley the next time you visit and have a Guinness or two on us!

No Camping for Us, Thanks

MI Fest ended up happening in grand fashion after all. The weather was amazing, and we spent way too much money buying stuff from trucks (Third Man Records rolling record store, El Guapo food truck), but made up for it big time by taking in some damned fine music. Sheryl Crow and the Raconteurs, unsurprisingly, absolutely killed it. Ronnie Dunn, Jeff Daniels, The Rockets and the Third Man showcase all turned in exceptional sets, too. Looking forward to next year!

One Magical Weekend

D-Days stopped through the Magic Stick a couple times this weekend (Washed Out on Saturday and Guilty Simpson on Sunday) to chill out then get hyphy, respectively. And between Monday's Toro Y Moi show (the last time we saw them locally, it was at the Detroit Eagle – long story) and Tuesday's Stephen Malkmus outing, we're going to have to get ourselves some sort of discount card!

One Hell of a Weekend to be a Detroit Sports Fan

So, we not only watched our beloved Tigers clinch their first division title in almost a quarter century on Friday, but then we watched Lions-mania reach a fever pitch on Sunday. We seriously don't remember Ford Field ever getting that loud (literally, in almost 10 years, this is the loudest a Lions game at the new stadium has ever been). | RDW



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