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D Days (March 3, 2010) 

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Mon Jin Now!
The Year of the Tiger kicked off with a big bang last week at Mon Jin Lau. Fancy VIP tables, lights, Chinese dragons, firecrackers and go-go dancers galore made the scene at this Chinese New Year affair on both Tuesday and Wednesday. All Star DJ crew Tom T, Mike Anthony, Matt A., Captn20, Tom Keeling and Prevu with Bruce Cobb and Tone on percussion, kept all three party rooms pumped. Hosts Bryan and Brandon Chin know just how to make D-Days feel at home — tasty sushi, fun party girls and lots of Grey Goose to get it loose. For more MJL fun, check out J-Pop karaoke with Matt Kysia on Sundays.

Veritas Aequitas
Also on Wednesday, we hit up the 10th anniversary celebration of the cult classic The Boondock Saints at The Crofoot. There was a meet and greet with Saints director Troy Duffy and actors from the movie including Bob Marley (real name), David Della Rocco, Brian Mahoney and Bob Rubin. We also got to hear songs from The Boondock Saints II soundtrack performed live, and Detroit’s own Ty Stone took the stage. Good story: While flyering at the Fillmore, Justin from the Crofoot asked a passerby if he’d heard of the film. The guy lifted up his shirt to show a tattoo of a prayer from the movie. Badass! When Troy Duffy came out, he raised his glass and began reciting the same prayer. Of course, the whole audience said it along with him. “You can’t set out to make a cult classic; that shit just happens,” Duffy said. Amen!

A Bad Mama ‘Rama
D-Days got our motors running this weekend at the 2010 Autorama car show at Cobo Center. From ’54 Fords to the infamous Batmobile (it deserves boldface), our eyes couldn’t help but admire the ice cream paint jobs and impeccable handiwork done on the hot rods. The whitewalls, chrome and V-8s weren’t the only things to admire, though, thanks to those sassy vixens competing in the Miss Autorama Pin-up Contest. D-Days’ own Idamarie tied for first place — way to go, girl. With performances by Graveside Manner, Swingin’ Demons and the Twistin’ Tarantulas, there was a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on. Awesome celebrity sighting: the charming Henry Winkler, who's just as cool in person as he was as “The Fonz!"

Juggalos Before Hose
Saturday night marked RDW’s celebratory smash of a birthday bash up, down and all around the Majestic Theatre Complex. Over 2,000 people filled the Detroit staple to take part in what was a raging party of rock 'n' roll, rap and, well, ICP. Juggalos filled the theater early, awaiting the Posse’s performance and Faygo-filled hose to soak ‘em. We were interested to see what would pan out when Nate Kane hit the stage (there’s rumored to be a little beef between ‘los and ‘lettes and the Mathers crew), but no such drama transpired. That crowd didn’t seem as pumped about the awesome Incognito fashion show with cool coifs c/o Black the Salon, but then again, juggalos aren’t known for being the most stylish of folks now, are they? To combat the weirdness, everyone who appreciated the '90s came out to see Sponge, and we saw many Detroit musicans scoping out the Luder show. The photography exhibit was a hit and (from what we can remember, Tenley and Jake know how to pour) each band (and DJ) simply rocked. Out. Can't wait till we turn 12 ...

The Other 151
We’re not talkin’ Bacardi here. The brand spankin’ new Flat 151 kicked off a new era with a massive party from Steve Anthony and DMix Entertainment, full of house music and beautiful party people. The white and blue loft on the sixth floor offers a spectacular view of The D. Lovely VIP hostess Lisa Fair and her crew of our favorite Detroit hotties made sure the floor was packed with hotties in their party dresses to be ogled by eager boys on the hunt. 

Oh, and …
Clutch Cargo’s recently announced they’ll be hosting the official Black Eyed Peas afterparty following the show on March 9th. All four Peas are slated to be in the house and two are rumored to DJ. More to come on that, we’re sure …  | RDW

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