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D Days (March 19, 2008) 

It was Friday, the end of the work week, and DDays was lookin’ to chill out with some cheap beers and good peeps. We weren’t lookin’ to dress up all fancy, and we weren’t lookin’ to drive on any highways because, well, let’s face it — sometimes you kinda just get lazy in the ‘burbs. Leaving work right around five or so, I met up with the rest of the crew at The Hideout in Clawson before the clock struck six, and by seven the work week had begun to fade away. Throwing some darts, shootin’ some pool and watching some basketball with round after round of cold beer in hand, this past Friday proved to be just what the doctor ordered … hardcore chillin’ out.

Saint Practice Day
So, you think you know what St. Patty’s in The D is all about, eh? Think again! Every year, down at The Old Shillelagh in Greektown, there’s a whole day dedicated to making sure everyone knows exactly what to do on the ACTUAL St. Patty’s Day. It was Saturday and people were wearin’ tons of green and drinkin' even more green beer — as well as multiple rounds of whiskey and Irish Car Bombs. This DDay patroller got it started with a couple rounds of black and tans while mingling with some newly acquired friends. While waiting alone in the long line to get in (my group had made it down earlier, assholes!), I bummed a few smokes and made a few jokes with Derrick, Fred, Jen, Marci and their newly married friends, Reggie and Eve, who made their inaugural trip from Grosse Pointe. We tried making a list of everything green we saw people wearing. The funniest thing was this guy who had pinned … yes, pinned … packaged green condoms to his jacket. There were dozens and dozens of ‘em and he was giving them away to all the drunkards leaving the bars and wobbling down the streets. We all laughed our asses off because when he came over to us, I pointed out that a couple of the rubbers obviously had been punctured by the pins — and that wouldn’t prove too “lucky” for anyone if they used one of ‘em. Embarrassed, he left shortly after, but not before we grabbed a couple for keepsakes.

Double Up
It was 10:30 or so when we arrived at Double 6 Lounge, or 66 to those in the know, a new club spot in the ever-growing Fountain Walk mall. DDays met Brian, our very accommodating and clever host, who is also the General Manager of 66, and he gave us the scoop on the spot. The story behind the name of the bar comes from the owners, one from California and the other from Boston, who each came up with their six favorite drinks, thus the Double 6. Our foxy and friendly bartender for the night was Valerie, who first made us a delicious drink called Cloud 9, which had some cinnamon and foam in the mix and we also tried their “ladies only martini" called the Double 6 Bubbletini. Both were absolutely delicious. Double 6 caters to the 25-to-38-year-old crowd and is more relaxed than most lounges in the area, and the vibe, though still very cool and contemporary, just breathes a more mature air through the room, which was a nice change for DDays … especially knowing that we’d be hittin’ up Tonic the next night. With live music provided by Spirit of ’76 (The Square Pegz played the night before), we were well-entertained and made plans on coming back next weekend after catching a flick at Emagine. See you soon, Brian and Valerie!

Sunday Sloshing
Again, it was an early outing for DDays as we made our customary trip to Corktown for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the subsequent intoxication that it did carry. With a flask of Jameson in hand, DDays stayed warm as the sun tried to crack through the clouds and the breeze nipped our ears. It was a big turnout, bigger than recent years we believe, and the parade itself was full of great floats — even the bad ones were fun! Rumor has it that Real Detroit Weekly will be sponsoring a float of our own in ’09. Nemo’s, O’blivions, The Lager House, Corktown Tavern and the Gaelic League were all packed with great, green party-goers and DDays just didn’t want to leave! To be honest, we were quite drunk last Sunday, but not drunk enough to not make note of all the red-headed Irish beauties. Though everyone can be “Irish for a day” on St. Patty’s, it warmed our Dublin lovin’ hearts to meet and drink with many locals who actually hail from the Emerald Isle. Special thanks to Mudgie's Deli over on Porter St. for one of the best sandwiches ... ever! We'll be back for more very soon.

Gin and …
Tonic Nightclub was our last stop for partying this weekend — and what a party it was! We kind of had our fill of bagpipes and kilts so we went north to procure some booty shakin’ shenanigans at Pontiac’s long-standing naughty little night spot, Tonic. There was a great crowd for a Sunday — sexy coeds were wrapping up their spring break, looking for one last night out. Tonic’s Sundays are unlike any other you’ll find in the metro-Detroit area and this St. Patty’s party was even hotter than usual! Sundays are sexy, fun and full of dancin’ debutantes — not to mention some really reasonable drink prices! Mixing it up with Rochester ladies Christy, Karen, Lilith and her hot, red-headed, pin-up doll girlfriend, “Lucy Lucious,” DDays was in heaven and wished we could go back to college for just one more semester! Kyle and Jordan, two Pontiac natives, bought us our last round of drinks for introducing them to our new female friends, and with those Jager shots downed ('twas nice not to have yet another Jameson), DDays was out.  | RDW

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