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D Days (July 25, 2007) 

Why Not Wyandotte!?
There are two super cool, well kept secrets tucked down on the Detroit River. The first is called Wyandotte. While words like artsy, cool, clean and a little bit of hip normally wouldn’t come to our minds in the past when thinking of Wyandotte — they definitely do now. This little city on water is making a comeback and it’s doing it in style.

Secret number two is hidden within secret number one.This fave bar/restaurant of Ddays is hot spot, Austin’s Hyde Park Grill. It’s the creation and development of Sam Ansara. Prodding Ddays with shots and smiles were the sexy trio of Liz Kurek, Julie Davis and manager Kelly Marshall, who schooled us in stylish partying technique while mother-daughter team Lynn and Meghan livened up the corner to keep an eye on crooner Michael. And, of course, this classy grill brags a very cool patio with Tiki hut included. Checking out the patio, Ddays encountered businessman Bob Edwards, who was in from Brighton visiting the charismatic Ansara. The patio on this beautiful Michigan night featured its own sultry singer, Kimberly, who kept the crowd warm with her hot contemporary set.

Positively Our Favorite Fair
Saturday afternoon, Positively Fourth Street Fair brought us the positively sweet time that we have every year down in the alleys of 4th. When first arriving, we stumbled onto the great beats and words of Misinformants. We were totally into them, as was everyone else. Fans and friends James and Keleigh saw that we loved their gig and invited us to hit their party at the Purple House to catch more of the hip-hop duo later in the night.

Taking in the art and music and capturing it here and there was fine art photographer Rob Kangas and his lovely wife Connie, who marveled at how big and more crowded the fair is becoming. Down the street to see THTX’s electronic mastery on the Main Stage, Ddays bumped into Doug Mueller, who has been coming to the fair since its early days and helped establish the Main Stage’s professional sound.

Checking out the art, and reminding artists about the upcoming inaugural Russell People’s Art Festival on September 15th, were artists Mark Arminski and Pete Traskal. The festival is sponsored by the Russell Industrial Center, a haven for artists in the city and is inviting musicians, artists of all media, as well as galleries, musicians and filmmakers to show Detroit what they, and we, are made of. More info:email pafexhibitors@gmail.com or call Erik Novack at 313.363.8333.

Later Saturday, Ddays switched gears and headed downtown to the Fox to catch Jazz singer Diana Krall. Although Diana sang her fabulous lungs out, opening Jazz band trumpeter Chris Botti totally stole the show. With obvious music influences from Miles Davis and Chet Baker, energy and banter, Botti generated a lot of enthusiasm from the crowd and his band.
Checkin’ His Pulse

Afterwards, Ddays swung on over to Pulse to wish co-owner Tony Piraino a happy birthday. Tony was clearly enjoying the beautiful weather and relaxing lounge setup on their sidewalk patio, which is complete with Tiki torches and beautiful peeps.

Sunday After
Sunday, Ddays hit the pool with pals and put back some good old Pink-Panty-Pull-Down’s (Deliciously mixed beer, vodka and pink lemonade … sounds horrid — but surprisingly yummy!). Where the typical summer Sunday came into effect — bbq’ing, burning and breakin’ loose.

Honolulu Style
Ddays loves a good party and there is none better than those damn Crave the Sunset parties. Where else can you see more than a thousand of The D’s most beautiful people getting their groove on each of these special Sunday nights?

Inside we struck up conversation with super sexy Asian beauties Gwen Moler and Thao Attard. The ladies were accompanied by their close friend Bob Hubert and later, Mark Davis and Chuck DeVito. Seems that Mark and Chuck had just returned from the inaugural outing on Mark’s new 54-footer at Puttin Bay’s Christmas in July. They had such a great time at Crave that they are planning to attend the upcoming biggest Sunset: White Party on August 5th.

Inside for Urban Chris’ set, we chatted with the most beautiful photographer in Detroit, Stela Zaharieva — word on the street is that they’re the latest and sexiest couple in The D.

Beach Bums and Bikinis
Sunday provided a little rest and relaxation for the other part of Ddays — or so we thought. What was supposed to be a relaxing day on the boat ended up turning into an all-out bash when Brandon Dalaly and Joey Marcus, owners of the soon to be open Project 3 (a new clothing boutique in Royal Oak across from American Apparel that will be all the rage this fall for guys and girls) came through with a bunch of babes and a couple six packs of Beach Bum beer — a fab new creation from the guys at Annhueser-Busch. As the night became cooler, both the Beach Bum beer, with its infused spiced wheat, and the dudes from Project 3, with their spice infused lady friends, kept the party rolling into the pre-dawn hours. | RDW

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