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The Man, The Myth, The Legend

David Boji is something of a legend in Detroit. He's spun at the most prolific of our city's venues (think: The Palace of Auburn Hills, Joe Louis Arena and DTE Energy Music Theatre) and he's performed alongside greats like Pitbull, David Guetta, Krewella and countless others. Suffice it to say, if there's a huge name in EDM performing in town, Boji's name is on the bill as well.

But he hasn't just made his name as an opening act. He's been one of the most formidable and innovative DJs in the biz and he's at least partly accountable for bringing the best of electronic dance music to the masses through his collaboration with Channel 955 and their bomb squad. Having hooked up with iHeartRadio, he's also recently earned himself a nation-wide following through a similar format. He's one of our area's most prolific DJs and the career he's built for himself isn't just something he can enjoy, but something metro Detroiters can be collectively proud of.

And while it's often said that if something isn't broke then you probably shouldn't try to fix it, Boji is in the midst of a personal and artistic revolution and he's currently embarking on new and even more glorious electronic endeavors than ever before.

As a trademark to that turning point, Boji has even recently coined himself a new moniker. Though he was known as DJ David B for most of his professional career, he's now going by just Boji. The name change is just another part of his evolution and it's also due to the fact that he's no longer JUST a solo artist anymore.

Working with his partner Namin, Boji is currently one half of the duo known as Heartbreak Synthony. They've already released a single on SoundCloud called "Serenity" and they plan to drop another called "First Time Again" this spring.

As busy as you would think a new group would keep him, Boji isn't neglecting his solo career, either. He recently released a new solo mix CD entitled Time Machine. A party at Elektricity was held in honor of the release and Channel 955 showed up to broadcast the whole thing. And while the show's already past, fans can download his entire new album for free on his Facebook page.

With even more things in the works, Boji will soon be heading out on tour. In fact, the day after his CD release party, the DJ headed to Panama City Beach where he'll spin until the 21st. After just a three day break, he'll be heading to the Bahamas to continue delighting spring breakers with dance-worthy tunes until the end of March. And he won't be taking a vacation after spending a month cutting up the decks, either. After returning from the warm weather islands of the south, he'll be heading to the Spring Awakening Festival in Chicago where he'll perform alongside artists like Bassnectar, Calvin Harris, Zedd, Dirty South and plenty more during the three day festival.

While plenty might seem to be crowding the plate of Boji, there's still tons more he's looking forward to in the future. With some pretty big shows on his upcoming schedule (some he's not even at full disclosure to announce yet), you can bet you'll be seeing this man around town (and around the country) more than ever before.


For more info check facebook.com/boji or to get tickets to Spring Awakening Festival check out paragondetroit.com.



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