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Batch Brewing

Detroit's hottest 'hood already has an artisan craft cocktail bar, an artisan craft coffee house and an artisan craft BBQ and beer joint. What more could it need?

A brewery!

A nanobrewery, at that.

An artisan craft nanobrewery, specifically.

Batch Brewing Company has grand plans of opening in Corktown this summer and will fill that artisan craft nanobrewery void with their homemade nanobrews. They would also be the first-ever nanobrewery in the city of Detroit.

Don't worry, "nano" doesn't mean that the beers are any smaller, just that they are available in smaller quantities. A "nanobrewery" is defined as four barrels per batch or smaller. Basically this means the inventory would change over quickly, making every beer a limited release and every pint a unique experience. And, as this beerie can attest, we love that.

Co-owner Stephen Roginson says that he didn't necessarily plan on opening a brewery but that it sort of happened out of necessity. As a home brewer for many years, when he moved to a loft in Midtown he found that he didn't really have the space to homebrew anymore and needed somewhere outside of his loft to do it. He imagined a co-brew space for other homebrewers and small start-up breweries, but there wasn't a licensing process for that: he was going to have to spend the same amount of money to get a full brewery license anyway so he figured, why not just do that then.

Batch Brewing will be all about giving back to the community in addition to brewing good beers (which, some might argue, is a service to the community in itself). One of their permanent handles will be the "Feel Good Tap," a charitable tie-in that will change every month. They will work with a different local charity each month and $3 from each pint sold from this tap will go to that partner charity. This will also be the handle that will likely feature some guest brewers, in keeping with Roginson's initial idea to have a collaborative brewing space (a brewery incubator, if you will).

The space will also feature works from local artists for sale on the walls. Every piece of art on display will be for sale and 100% of all sales goes to the artists. The art exhibits will rotate every month in tandem with the Feel Good Tap, so at least once a month you can plan on there being a big party with live music celebrating the new art exhibit and premiering the new charity partner tap. They won't be selling food initially, but they are already working with what Roginson calls "the Detroit food truck armada" (including El Guapo and the Mac Shack) to have a different truck out there each day they're open.

So this all sounds awesome, right? If you think so, then consider kicking in for their current Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign. They've already got the space on Michigan Avenue in Corktown but need the start-up capital to get all the equipment they need to open. "Goal number one is making good beer and having a cool place for people to come and drink it," says Roginson. If you're a craft beer enthusiast and want to see Corktown have a craft beer artisan small batch homemade community-minded local Detroit nanobrewery to call its own, visit batchdetroit.com to contribute. Or do it the old-fashioned way and contribute with your cash dollars by going there and buying beer once they open, which they hope will be in July or August.


Check batchdetroit.com or facebook.com/Batchbrewingcompany for more info updates



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