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Over 90 years ago a Methodist minister named Edgar J. Helms saw a need in Boston's immigrant population for a revolution in attaining work. Starting a collection of old housewares, he put to work a large majority of those folks, selling the objects they'd refurbished and paying their wages with the profits. Coined as the "Goodwill Method," by 1902 the minister's manner even included job training and placement services and the foundation was incorporated as Goodwill Industries.

Thirty-one years following that, Reverend John Martin formed Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit, thus cementing the incorporated company and their self-help method of finding work for the unemployed in our very own city.

Almost a century later, the mindset of helping the jobless help themselves find work still survives. By teaching and training those looking for work, the company is helping lower the unemployment rate one trainee at a time.

In order to continue to help metro Detroiters earn jobs and in celebration of both the city's economic future and it's historic rock n' roll past, Goodwill Industries and the Detroit Lions have put together a high profile concert that's likely to rock your socks off as well as put the state's citizens back to work.

Rock for Jobs, a yearly event that raises money in order for Goodwill to continue their mission to put people with employment challenges to work, will be hosting a slew of legendary local rockers and a few new names as well. Taking the stage at The Fillmore will be Alto Reed's Allstars as well as Mitch Ryder, Mark Farner – who just a few weeks ago had surgery to implant a pacemaker, by the way – and up-and-comers The Electric Playground, too.

"We have a really big line-up," says Goodwill's public relations manager Mark Lane. "If you put the numbers together, there is going to be a lot of Detroit rock and roll history on the stage."

Having worked with Reed on a previous project, Lane says when he reached out to the legendary rocker to join them once more, he immediately said, "I'm in."

Hinting at some big surprises that might go down on the Fillmore's stage come 11/23, Lane also notes that Jill Jack, Michael Brock and other local acts are set to perform as well.

"There are a lot of other people who are probably going to show up as well," says Reed. "Anybody and everybody I've asked to join has immediately said they're on board. This show is going to be a true all-star extravaganza with an enormous finale and encore where we're going to bring everybody who's performed throughout the night on stage."

Sponsored by the Detroit Lions, this concert will also help satisfy the football association's initiative to support local charities. With a slew of other local sponsors like Comcast, Zumu, Happys Pizza, Motor City Casino, Royal Container and Whoop Ass Can Company, Goodwill is set to inherit all proceeds from the concert.

Emceed by WOMC's Jim Johnson, Lane says the evening will be a great night for families to hit the town together. "Especially since a lot of families will probably still be together for Thanksgiving, this is a great concert to bring Mom and Dad," he says. | RDW

Rock for Jobs • 11/23, 7 p.m. • The Fillmore • 2115 Woodward Ave., Detroit • 313.961.5451 • livenation.com • $10-$65



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