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Bad Religion 

True North


Epitaph Records

★★★★ 1/2

After more than three decades of playing, Bad Religion hasn't lost one iota of the "fuck you and your mom" attitude that first brought their brand of music to public attention. True North, their 16th studio album, adds an additional 16 songs to their already extensive discography. The album is an another example of the aggressive yet melodious take on their genre. The politically-charged lyrics are backed with harmonizing vocals and sandwiched between fast-paced riffs and popping snares. Stand out tracks like "Robin Hood in Reverse" and "F**k You" embody all the best elements of Bad Religion: brazen rebellion with catchy hooks. This album will be refreshing to longtime fans, yet palatable to even casual listeners.

—Nick Pizana

Worth a Listen: "Robin Hood in Reverse " and "Nothing to Dismay"

True North


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