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Ashley Madison 

Every Day Is Mistress Day

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Ashley Madison
Every Day Is Mistress Day

Noel Biderman is a businessman. And like all good businessmen, he saw an empty niche and set out to fill it. Biderman’s biz, The Ashley Madison Agency, is a little on the risqué side: a service that aroused not only curiosity and disdain, but also the hopes of millions of men and women who live in a sexless marriage.

In short, AshleyMadison.com is a site created and designed for committed folks to meet other married people for a casual fling or a longer-lasting relationship. Because, in Biderman’s eyes, everyone’s gotta get some sometime, right? “We knew that there was a certain segment of the American population that would end up cheating,” says Biderman.

The controversial idea arose when Biderman and his team researched and found that, perhaps not shockingly, 30 to 35 percent of people on single matchmaking sites were already in a relationship. Seeing the need for a place that such unhappily married people could go, Biderman created Ashley Madison, which now has over five million members.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, Biderman finds himself not preparing for the flood of Internet traffic for his site, but rather preparing for the day prior. “Mistress Day is the day before Valentine’s Day. It’s the day when men with mistresses should make sure that they don’t forget about them,” Biderman explains. Biderman admits that he didn’t create the Mistress Day idea, but he promotes it so "the other women" know “they provide a great and useful element of fulfillment.”

Aside from that, Ashley Madison is also sponsoring a Miss Tiger Woods pageant on Howard Stern’s radio show as well as an upcoming Oscars ad campaign. All signs are pointing to a liberal attitude shift with regards to the art of cheating. “It’s part of the human condition, so we can try and pretend that it’s the Ten Commandments that guide us through our traditions in life, but I think we know that’s 100 percent false.” As far as Detroit is concerned, our city holds a higher female member count on AshleyMadison.com than most of the country, standing at around 40 percent. So, men of metro-Detroit, what have you done to please your lady lately?  | RDW

For more info: Ashleymadison.com

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Every Day Is Mistress Day


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