All Dolled Up 

Matthew R. Snyder

This recent San Franciscian import was spotted hanging out at The Alley Bar recently. He moved here a few months ago, and now works at The Aut Bar. Matthew enjoys goth and new wave music, and is into writing. He likes everything associated with sex, drugs, and rock n' roll. Strangely enough, he's also into worshipping the moon, sky, and seasons. He loves fashion and his favorite shopping spot is the Alemany Flea Market in his home town.

Vintage 1960's Navy Coat Haight St. San Fran...$65

Striped Shirt Goodwill San Fran...$2

Levi Jeans

Goodwill San Fran...$10

Plaid Shirt - The Get Up...$20

Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes - Wasteland Haight St...$50

Cassel Goorin Brothers Hat Haight St. Bouquite...$20

Vintage Bandana - Alemany Flea Market San Fran...$3

Jewelry - Alemany Flea Market San Fran...$120

TOTAL ... $310



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